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Old 2016-01-02, 10:06   Link #1
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Hentai Borderline, what is this?

hello guys, since it's new year I decided to create this post to talk a little about a very polemic topic the "borderline" between hentai and non hentai or in this case ecchi.

Nowadays as we see we have too much "material" specially in LN, where is becoming to hard to not call "hentai" specially if we apply the western sense of moral, even for japaneses while some material normally currently are not considered full hentai they are seeing like that by the average non otaku japaneses, due to the strong sexual content to the point to only be allowed to goes in some channels only on non childrens hours(later night).

We have animes/novels/manga like shinmai mao or to love ru which you can easy classifie as "soft core porn" and others case like valkyrie mermaid where is hard to not see as a hentai since the girls are actually "doing things" on screen, then is really hard to not get really confuse about "what exactly is that "borderline".

when reading some "otakus site" I started to notice which they normally point the fact which since the "otaku market" is the most profit market in japan and currently the "big source" of money of the country then most of the times the japaneses laws are very flawed on "purpose" (not because of being perv but for the "money") and even the laws try to "close they eyes" for most of the cases like what we have nowaday if the govern was to really do apply they laws(even being very flawed and full of holes) some works could really be "classified" as hentai and get at last 18 rated(where still being classifed as teen).

With this in mind what is your opnion toward it, what you think is the "borderline" what sort of animes/mangas/novels you could easy classifie as hentai(which not are), in the currently way the things are moving more and more hard will become to separated hentai from ecchi?

What you think about this, let's talk.
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Old 2016-01-02, 11:38   Link #2
AS Oji-kun
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To qualify as hentai, they have to show genitals, though these days they are hard to see behind the pixellation. So Nozoki Ana would not qualify as officially "hentai," though it certainly comes close to the border-line. Something like Darling or Taboo Charming Mother is definitely on the other side of the line.

People "do things" on screen in R-rated live-action movies here in the States. At some point they cross the line to NC-17 like Blue is the Warmest Color. Still even the sex scenes in that movie are nothing like RedTube.
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Old 2016-01-10, 12:05   Link #3
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I consider To-Love Ru Darkness and Seikon no Qwaser to be just shy of full-blown porn. If their was penetration or oral sex, then I would consider these series to be full-blown porn.
≠epic fail
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Old 2016-01-20, 17:59   Link #4
Evil Loli
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I think ecchi must end as hentai, for me its only natural- ecchi is "pre- hentai" ^ ^
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