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Silver Zero Subs: Heidi of the Alps, Akage no Anne and Dog of Flanders is their stuff on Nyaa, I don't think this group has had their work represented on Animesuki yet. I think this is because initially the group was only releasing via DDL, but have included torrent in their distribution starting in February.

Our tracker for Heidi of the Alps only has episodes 1-4 which MJN did in 2007/2008.

SZS has done up to ep 16 of Heidi apparently. Here are their Heidi torrents:

They also appear to be doing the series Akage no Anne. We already have this series completed by Misc at but I know AS likes to list multiple groups that do the same project. SZS has done the first 21 episodes of Anne. I'm hoping to ask them to maybe stop and instead do 'before green gables' or focus on finishing Heidi or Flanders since AnA is already done.

Here are their AnA torrents:

Also, there is a series they are doing called "Dog of Flanders" which I have been unable to find on Animesuki. I am thinking we may not have a tracker page for it so I am wondering if someone could possibly start one. To help, here are the links to wikipedia and ANN:

We also have an existing thread started in 2010 at which we could point the tracker to.

As far as I can tell, Flanders has not been licensed in English. The ANN page lists Spain, Italy, Germany, Tagalog, Taiwan/China, Arabic, but nothing regarding english, and Wikipedia also doesn't mention any English licensing. So based on that assumption I'm going to assume there isn't one and list the torrents in hope a tracker could be made for it:

Wikipedia does have an image with english captions but I have no idea where it came from. Nippon's page includes an english description but no indication if it's actually got an english release. The IMDB only lists Japanese credits.

Edit: removed links to Flanders. After looking at the image gallery on IMDB, it appears this may have been subtitled by "Pioneer Family Entertainment". I'd like to look further into this. I don't know much about this company, when they may have subtitled Flanders, or how long they may have purchased the license for if so. Added the company's name to ANN since it didn't mention it.

I am wondering if an AS mod could help and take a stance regarding Flanders, like maybe if you agree that PFE has the license to make a note of that on a tracker page? Or if you don't agree and think it's open, to make one (I can post 1-6,7,8 links again if so)

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