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Old 2013-06-04, 23:12   Link #961
blinded by blood
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Age: 30
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Only 70? Wait until you've hit the 200 mark. It's just absurd.
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Old 2013-06-04, 23:24   Link #962
★Landlord San★
*Graphic Designer
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^ ha ha ha haha...yeah. only @ 70 and it's already driving me nuts. 200 would probably
makes me explode a mountain....LOL. oh god, how this game just trolling people. :P

my little bro. and I ran a lot of LOT each days (20 MES a day...maybe) and only to
FAIL super hard as if we didn't made any profit by FAILING each and everyone of
those MES, but at least I gotten my abyss glove to +10.

well anyways, our effort today trying to masterwork that armor turns into a total FAILURE.
i'll come back again to masterwork this armor. I want to see how many more FAILS
before this armor decide to masterwork. also, my sanity is probably going to
falls apart as I continue down this dark path of MASTERWORKING (rng)! *cheers*

"the force (rng) is strong in this ONE!"

EDIT: also, if I go crazy, that's because Tera is destroying my brain cells. nya ha haa!

picture of my skimpy high elf berserker, Zyxenfryz. she's wearing plate armor...I think.
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