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Old 2014-04-13, 10:12   Link #501
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^Oh. That's interesting. I wonder how they will handle the ENGRISH?
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Old 2014-04-28, 11:25   Link #502
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Wonderful Everyday~Discontinuous Existence
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Old 2014-08-31, 20:10   Link #503
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So, can anybody give a summary with what happened in Schwarz?
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Old 2014-09-01, 23:18   Link #504
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Originally Posted by Chibiloli View Post
So, can anybody give a summary with what happened in Schwarz?
i m pretty sure some one already did one before. In fact you can probably start in the last page of this thread.
All you need to know is that Schwarzmarken is a very human story of Muv luv, sure the books are filled with epic battles between humanity and BETA, the true focus of the story is always between the human conflicts. Religion, nationality, race, political beliefs , love and friendship are the main sources of conflict in this story. indeed a fair number of cast die because of friendship and love. Though you should not expect the story to end on anything but a bittersweet note, Since you know that no matter what the Main casts accomplish, the BETA will ultimately crush the Berlin wall and that Europe will fall , finally even in the 21 century of MuvLuv, the 2 Germany nations remain divided. characters that you will have come to hate and despise will live and those that you believe deserve to live will die, its a staple of Kouki's works really.
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Old 2014-09-07, 19:41   Link #505
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How SM compare to muvluv total eclipse ?
I was really hoped TE would become stepping stone for main trilogy, but no they totally wasted it. Slow pacing, unnecessary fan services, military characters acting like high school student, yamato damashi and not to mention weird TSF battle.
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Old 2014-11-17, 15:12   Link #506
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It might surpass Alternative and obviously surpass TE.
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