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Old 2015-10-03, 20:42   Link #1
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Would it be worth going to Japan for watching an anime movie shortly after release?

There are always anime movies releasing in Japan, and for viewers who happen to not live in Japan, the only option is usually to wait for the home releases to become available. The thread's title says it all: let's suppose that there's an anime movie to your favourite series coming out at a hypothetical point in the future.. Barring additional and coincidental circumstances (such as already living in Japan for work, or visiting Japan for vacation, business or education-related activities), would it be worth the time and finances to fly to Japan and watch said anime movie shortly after it's premiered? If so, have you ever visited Japan solely for watching an anime movie before?
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Old 2015-10-03, 20:52   Link #2
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I don't think it would be worth it for the film alone, but if you spend enough time there to do a nice enjoyable tour and/or buy a lot of exclusive items, basically get a lot out of the trip with the movie as an incentive to go there, then yeah it should be worth it.
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Old 2015-10-03, 22:26   Link #3
Marcus H.
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There are some exclusive freebies in watching anime movies in Japan, like getting a Mami ticket with a detachable head during the showing of the first Madoka movie, as well as clear files or even early releases of the movie's DVD and BD like in Kyoukai no Kanata.

But then, I personally don't think it's worth the trip if you'd just watch a movie there.
If I have enough money for that, I'd consider planning an anime pilgrimage trip after watching an anime movie of choice.
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Old 2015-10-04, 07:30   Link #4
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It wouldn't be a bad idea to schedule a trip around that time. Like say a movie you like is coming out July 3rd. You've always wanted to go to Japan anyway. So you book a trip for 1st - 15th July. Take in the movie and tour Japan at the same time, win-win. But going just for the movie unless you have cash to burn sounds like a waste of money.
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If I'm going to Japan, I'm going to see temples, Mt Fuji, Shibuya and other historical sites before I see an anime movie...but that's just me...
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