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Old 2004-04-09, 12:23   Link #1
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Question Error: "Downloader Unexpectedly Exited"

So I've been having this problem with my Naruto31_40 torrent. It starts to connect, and does, but then it only uploads, and it only does that for about two minutes. Then it stops and gives me the error "Downloader unexpectedly exited"
It's been doing this for almost a week. It's using a tracker... ANybody have any clue?

Yes, I have uploaded the new torrent for the port problem. That's when this one started.

I'm also using TorrentStorm as my BT client...

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Old 2004-04-10, 18:33   Link #2
Lina Inverse
SL Aki fanclub president
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Location: Germany
I'm right now having this problem as well, trying to d/l the second Da Capo batch (14-26). I re-d/led the new torrent today, just to be safe. It starts allocating, connecting and then very soon (not even a minute): "Downloader Unexpectedly Exited". I pressed the start button again, it goes checking (which takes quite a while), then connects and clearly below a minute same error. Upon first try, long-time-checking again (snore), then it connects and this time stays there, surprisingly, for a few minutes already... however, d/l speed is extremly slow (around 1 kB/s).
Had no problem with the first batch before the port change, and have already d/led two files without any problems after port change. Anyone knows what's up there?
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Old 2004-07-15, 01:57   Link #3
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Join Date: Jul 2004
try changing the download path of the torrent. (torrentstorm) i just had the same problem and altered the download path from a hard drive to a different partition but also within a folder and it connected correctly without that error
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Old 2004-07-15, 04:31   Link #4
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So you guys were using the same BT client (TorrentStorm) or different ones?
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You can still find my Azureus Download Guide here

By all means, make sure to read this.
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