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Tenchi Muyo GXP [Light Novel]

Taken from Mangaupdates:
"Seina Yamada may just be the unluckiest guy in the world. As Tenchi Masaki's classmate, this walking time bomb seems to spread destruction and bad fortune wherever he goes. But when a suprise encounter with a beautiful woman leaves him with lipstick on his face and a Galaxy Police pamphlet, it seems his luck is about to turn around. Now, he has become a member of the GP Academy and is about to face the challenges of squaring off against space pirates, adapting to a new advanced society, and sneaking out after curfew with his friends"

Started in 2003 Tenchi Muyo GXP is a retelling of the the anime of the same name by Masaki Kajishima, one of the original creators of the first Tenchi Muyo series, in greater detail and how he envisioned the series to be. Currently the series is on its 10th volume and if equated to anime would be around episode 17ish. As for major differences compared to the anime the NB character is almost non existent and the cast from the Tenchi Muyo series play a slightly larger role or at least show up more often.
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The series is up to 12 volumes.
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