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Old 2013-12-03, 19:03   Link #1
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Future Photon Harima SACLA

Just came across this, and wow...

[Crunchyroll] Kamikaze Douga Produces High-quality Anime PV "Future Photon Harima SACLA"

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Originally Posted by Crunchyroll
The Incorporated Administrative Agency Rikagaku Kenkyusho, RIKEN for short, has posted an anime promotional video titled Mirai Koushi Harima SACLA (Future Photon Harima SACLA) to promote its cutting-edge X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) facility in Harima, Japan. SACLA stands for SPring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron LAser. If you want to learn more about it, visit the SACLA official site.

The PV is produced by Kamikaze Douga (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/Gatchaman Crowds OP). SACLA's official character Sacla Harima is voiced by popular anime voice actress Mamiko Noto in this PV and the theme song "pico scope -SACLA-" is performed by fripSide. Except a few, all of the names of the people and publishers in the credit are fictional.
Best things really do come in small packages don't they? Kinda a shame this is simply a promotion in the name of SCIENCE!!!!!!!, but it's a very awesome promotion nonetheless, combining a lot of things I like including mecha-styled girls. Also, Mamiko Noto

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Old 2013-12-04, 00:59   Link #2
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The MC looks really cool. They should make a series out of this.
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Old 2013-12-04, 05:40   Link #3
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Lol, first JAXA now RIKEN? Japanese science is Amazing XD
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