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Old 2014-05-13, 18:49   Link #2381
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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
I thought as much, but I was basing my calcs on what lishanshung suggested.

As an assistant manager, how much he will earn will depend on the pay scale; in Domino's, if you're below a certain threshold, you get overtime and other incentives, but if you're above that threshold, you don't get anything. This caused me no end of pain and grief because we had a ridiculously low OT cutoff when I was an acting assistant manager (before getting replaced by asskissers).

Assuming that he's fulltime, he'd then be salaried (albeit with deductions for late/short hours) and would probably be earning more than his part time pay. Again, he's also in line for SOI, though how that's divided up would be his manager's discretion. That said, it is possible for him to then work his way up to owning several stores of his own, and perhaps even eventually running MgRonald's Japan.

On the other hand, for the kind of expenses so far, fulltime employee is just about enough for survival.

Also, give the MgRonald's environment, Maou will always have overtime for the taking. Domino's, which is kinda strict on overtime allocation, doesn't bat an eye at OT for riders and pizza makers, because you NEED them.
Sorry to hear about your bad working experience. At least, you don't have to deal with the troublemaker. Maou has to endure all those stuffs

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Something is wrong with Emi's gene(both mental growth and physical growth).
troublemaker and her mother's day
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Old 2014-05-16, 15:44   Link #2382
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Cute harem, but nothing more, really.
Entertaining, nice OP/ED (same singer as Hanasaku Iroha), but that's pretty much it.
Sorry for the poor english.
The italian schools don't care very much about proper foreign languages teaching

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Old 2014-05-24, 12:25   Link #2383
milan kyuubi
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Does anyone know if the dubbed version is already out? Or when it will be out?

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Old 2014-05-24, 14:08   Link #2384
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Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
Does anyone know if the dubbed version is already out? Or when it will be out?

If by "out" you mean out in the US, then no, it's not. Release date is scheduled to be July 22.

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Old 2014-08-13, 21:52   Link #2385
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The book volume 0 is out on 9/10.
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