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Old 2012-10-19, 18:18   Link #21
Witch of Betrayal
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Originally Posted by NinjaRealist View Post
A lot of you guys are saying the visual novel is better. I did some looking into the visual novel, but I guess I'm weirded out about the fact that it has H Scenes in it with the justification being that characters transmit mana through sex. What the hell? Isn't that an even weirder way to make the characters do out of character things?

I didn't necessarily like the fact that all of the characters in Fate/Zero were prudes, for the most part, who didn't even have implied sex, but this nonetheless rang more true to the characters for me. This makes me wonder if it will ever be possible to make a good aime based off this visual novel that is also honest to the material?
Seconding that the visual novel is better than the anime, though I still watched and somewhat enjoyed the anime. It had a couple nice anime-original scenes, the best one being in episode 14.

I hear you about the H-scenes, this is a strange feature that many japanese visual novels have. Tthe genre was built on R-rated stuff, and it became the standard to the point where many VNs will tack on H-scenes to increase their popularity, even when they don't really seem to fit. The PS2 all-ages version of the VN replaced those scenes with more tame magical rituals. In the end they don't really matter and can be skipped without missing any plot points.

Many fans want to see a new anime of the final F/SN route, because it's the only one that hasn't received any animation so far, because of its ending, and for the grimness that makes it feel much like F/Z at times.
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Old 2012-10-20, 03:35   Link #22
Hiding Under Your Bed
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Originally Posted by NinjaRealist View Post
Final Reaction to Fate/Stay Night at Episode 12:

/looks at earlier post

I did warn you.
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Old 2012-10-20, 05:10   Link #23
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Like Jaden said you can just skip the H scenes by fast-forwarding them.

If you are still bothered by them there is a patch somewhere for the PC version that removes all H scenes.

So don't worry about the H scenes too much, they're only a very minor part of the VN.
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