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Yu Ominae
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Being scolded at by parents

Decided to make this thread to share my experience by my folks over time. This usually happens when I make a mistake, such as not making the appointment with them recently while traveling abroad because I forgot to turn off airplane mode to use my phone (That's from fear that I may be charged extra when I use it overseas, but that's for another topic since my dad told me the hard way that I was wrong).

However, I sometimes get the brunt of it when my folks usually tell me that I'm nuts when I read certain things or do certain things that seem unusual for them. I don't know if this is crossing the line to things that I usually do in my free time.

Now I'm the youngest in the bunch and from being on the receiving end, I feel upset to the point that I don't feel special since my older brothers are usually better than me in certain areas such as knowing what to do. This also includes me being really nice and polite, so I usually don't talk back unless it really really bothers me. I had to leave college as I was trying to get a better grade, so they tend to use this as well.

I'm not sure on how I can handle this, aside from not doing the mistake again. I understand that they care about me, but some angry comments they make sometimes just pushes it when they get too personal.

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Ignorance is bliss. Don't fight with your family, some things said can never be taken back.

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Just be yourself. Find a community, like this but it would be better if not a virtual one, where you can relate and be yourself. Find your way with them. If you really believe on and love what you do, why should you be afraid of "others'" opinion? Though I recommend that first, make your parents understand who you are or why you are doing things that seem alien to them. It would be a lot easier for you to be happy if you're happy at your own home

Do it. Make them understand why you do the things you do, in any way possible. Don't be afraid of what their comments are going to be. Just talk to them respectfully and, let's hope, they will listen with respect too.
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If you are not the combative type, then just don't say anything and end the conversation as politely as you can. But that won't ever stop them from scolding you in such a manner.

Do they always scold you over small things or big things? How are you compared to your siblings? Are they more successful than you? Education wise where do they stand?

And your parents, conservative? Old fashioned? Retired? What do they do or did for a living?

Not intending to pry into personal details, but I am trying to form a mental picture of the type of parents you have. It'd go along way to understanding where this scolding is coming from.
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