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Old 2012-11-25, 23:20   Link #21
#1 Akashiya Moka Fan
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There appear to be three options for this movie:

1) They pull a complete troll on us and this movie winds up in the way Ep. 26 of the TV series did (although, to be fair, I am probably one of the few people who enjoyed that ending even if it was a complete asspull)

2) They follow the infamous formula of EOE
Spoiler for For Evangelion 2.22, just in case anyone hasn't seen it:

3) They surprise us with a completely new ending

Personally, I'm thinking it's going to be along the lines of 2
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Old 2012-11-27, 13:34   Link #22
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I've been thinking and wasn't the Shinji from 2.22's climax the strongest Shinji ever?
Spoiler for climax of 2.22:
If Gainax manages to make Shinji go back to such mental state or even something better I'm pretty sure most of us will be happy with the last movie.
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Old 2012-11-27, 19:52   Link #23
Used Can
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"The name is Tin; Used is just an alias. I'm everything Shoe Box would like to be." - Used Can of the Aluminium Kingdom
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Old 2012-11-28, 06:55   Link #24
Go Nagai's works big fan
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You look so sure that シン is 新, don't you? What if it was the 真 of "true", instead? It could well be.
Have you ever heard this anime series, for example
(Change!! True Getter Robo - The Final Days of the World)
and this one
(Shin Getter Robo) with "Shin" meaning New.
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Old 2012-12-03, 18:16   Link #25
Go Nagai's works big fan
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Rome, Italy
Another example is the following of 北斗無双, the videogame of 北斗の拳, that will have the title of 真北斗無双
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