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Old 2004-04-15, 13:07   Link #1
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
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issues between ABC- Torrentstorm

I just wanna ask if someone knows what I'm doing wrong. I have both the ABC and the Torrentstorm client installed but when I try to download anything through the torrentstorm I get lousy dl rates of like 5-10 kB/sec. If I switch to ABC however and try the same torrent I get 40-50 kB/sec...
I prefer Torrentstorm however as this one can make me choose specific files in a batch .
Is their some kind of configuration I have to take care off?
PS yes I have ports 6881-6889 enabled

Thx in advance

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Old 2004-04-15, 13:48   Link #2
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Make sure the same upload speed and connections settings are at both client. In TorrentStorm, click View> Settings, and check your settings. Also, in Settings, move to Downloader Version, and choose the newest The Shad0w's client... Oh, don't worry, if you have never been in Settings there before, you only click on the red X to apply the settings.
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Old 2004-04-28, 16:53   Link #3
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You could use Azureus. It works like TorrentStorm (as far as I know, I haven't used TorrentStorm) in that it lets you choose which files to d/l, and it's fast, so long as you have the available bandwidth. It's the one I use. Note: You'll need the latest Java Virtual Machine installed. Get it at
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Old 2004-05-04, 08:47   Link #4
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Fort Wayne Indiana
Age: 27
You use a router? Try This

(note that I use a d-link router so this might not be 100% accurate if you use other.)

If you use a router go to command prompt and type ipconfig look for default gateway and type that i.p in your browser to get acess into your router. Unless you set a password put in User Admin password is blank dont put 1 in . Then when your at your routers front page click advanced then applications and put this.

name - torrent 1
Trigger port - 6881-6889
Trigger Type- Tcp
Public Port - 6881-6889
Public Type - Tcp

This worked for me I went from 1-9 to 150+ on the slowest of downloads.I hope it works for you.
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Old 2004-05-22, 00:07   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Alright, I have a brain buster for you all. I just moved into a house and we have a number of computers hooked up. Roughly six. Now here is the deal.

We have a line going into the motorlola cable modem, that line running to a computer (which is always on). Then we have another ethernet card as an output to a Linksys Hub. Then we have the linksys hub running to an intel hub and finally inputed into my computer.

I switched from Abc to torentstorm and so far I like using torrentstorm, problem is the speeds are crappy on both uploading and downloading. I checked my speeds and I am getting 240+ KB/sec on the download and only 84 Kb/sec on the upload. (Good old Comcast!)

Sooo, can anyone solve this brain buster? am I thinking too hard and it is simple than what I think? Let me know. Thanks alot
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Old 2004-05-22, 04:50   Link #6
Romanji is evil
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Location: シアトル
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Try using a router for your network instead, so you all have a Direct Connection. If you want the server setup for some reason, see if there is any firewall, NAT etc... settings on the server, and do as in the previous posts. If that doesnt work consider another BT client, and see if it improves your speeds.
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