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Question A very weird speed issue

I've noticed that speed questions are a common thing here and sadly, I must contribute my five cents to another thread of this ramble. No, please, don't close this thread yet, could you please at least read tis before you do so? If I am wrong and the answer to this is indeed posted here somewhere (havent been able to find it), I apologize, tell and I will remove the thread.

Ok, my bittorrent is slow (wow), but didn't use to be.

First, it became weird a few weeks ago, it started freezing in the middle of a download but this problem was quickly remedied after I dl-ed the newest version.

The real problem started then, my download rate, which usually would lay around 100kb/s (2.5 mb/s broadband, lots of seeds), have been acting *insuffarable* slow lately. I don't use a firewall, and the files I download have all been ones with least a hundred of seeders.

I know that my download rate is related to how much I upload, which is the other problem. My upload rate usually were about 70-80kb/s, it now seldom even reaches 20kb/s, I've tried closing the window down and resuming the download to get faster peerconnections but useless. Whatever file I try, how many seeders there are , and how many times I close down my BT-window to get new peer connections seems to be of no matter, my upload rate no longer exceeds 20kb/s.

Even worse is my download rate which don't even exceed 10kb/s.

Sometimes, the download and upload rate goes up for a short time but alwasy returns to about 8-15 kb/s each. It's like it's deliberately seeking out all the 28kb/s dial up modems on the net.

If you can help, please, I'm not a IT nor a computer oriented person, I would appreciate if you didn't use *too* heavy terminology to tell me. There is the possibility that it is the router, but in that case, i really have no idea of what to do, or how to remedy it. Help?
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