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Post Hello I am making a new Light Novel and I need your help!


I'm n0rric and I am new here and I am making a light novel of my own. I've had the idea for this story for a while now and this time I want to make something worth writing and something that is rather different than usually seen. I have a story in mind and I know the point I want to get across, but the thing that is driving this project for me is that I want this to be a "fan" (its weird to call it fan when literally no one knows anything about this yet, except me) made work. Meaning that I want people to help me with multiple parts of making this story. For instance I need names of characters from big (lead roles) to small (shows up once and are gone) I need names of locations, towns, cities, the land, everything. This is only the beginning though, I want to have maximum input from everyone to help drive the story in new directions that as a single entity we could not come up with on our own. This concept is very hard for me to put into words the way it exists in my head. But, if you are interested in helping me on my adventure with making a story told by multiple people constantly changing and upgrading, please send me a message or reply to this thread! ^_^

A little about the story to sort of get the ball rolling (note the story will not be written on here, I am using this forum as a way to recruit what are essentially co authors, but on a huge scale, a place to discuss points that should be made and names and everything. Back to the story though.

The story takes place in a digital world (yea yea i know matrix, sword art, log horizon, and others have already done that, i know but this is different! I PROMISE!) the main character will be a female character (that is set in stone, I do not wish to change that) I know the general plot but I do not want to spoil the story its self, I just want to give a jumping off point so we can decide who should be named what, where they go, why they do things and the power of everything behind those things. So our character wakes up in a digital world with no idea of how they got there and why the are there, and soon finds out they are not the only one in this world, that people are showing up almost every day, some people have been there for years. They will need to go on an adventure to survive the world and hope to return to the world of the living. (before you ask, yes its a "if you die in the game you die for real" thing.

What I am looking for at first is:

Male Lead Name
Female Lead Name
7-14 Main Group Names
Overall Enemy Name
7-14 Random Enemies
Name of several towns (all different climates)
name of world (etc.)

I would also like to hear how each of you would react to waking up on some digital beach, and being told you were in a video game (try to be realistic about it)
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