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Old 2014-02-17, 05:26   Link #1
She's Watching
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Tales of Asteria (iOS & Android)

The scenario writer of the Tales series will handle the game’s story, which brings together Cress, Lloyd, Luke, Yuri, Sophie, and Milla. Here’s a snippet:

Fragments of a star that makes wishes come true…

In a world where disputes over the fragments continue, six chosen people will draw out a solution…
DO AS INFINITY?! Oh my god they're still alive
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Old 2014-02-17, 06:12   Link #2
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To be honest I am kind of disappointed. It's not on consoles and I thought it would be new characters.
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Old 2014-02-17, 13:49   Link #3
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Interesting selection of characters. And I was worried that either Sophie wasn't in the Tales' staffs' good favor, or her VA wasn't interested in the role, after her non-appearance in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. (because clearly Sophie is much more Asbel's partner than Cheria)

But DANGIT it's not on a console, and unless they made the JP app store available on US phones and I never noticed............ *sob*
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Old 2014-02-18, 01:16   Link #4
Ava courtesy of patchy
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Well, they have to cover all the base. They already made 1 for console(Zesteria), now they need to tap into the mobile market too, and what's better than another all-star protagonist title like this?
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