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Originally Posted by Dawnstorm View Post
Noir - Solitude by the Window (Accordeon instead of violins)
Noir has some truly amazing music. My favorite piece is Chloe's theme.

If it doesn't have to be from an anime, I'd highly recommend the score of Sirens (the 1993 movie) by Rachel Portman. That score has some truly stunning orchestral pieces, especially the theme (The Yearning/Sirens Suite, I think it's called). I'd like to link to some of the music, but the only video I found contained some nudity/sexually suggestive stuff so, well, the rules...

Oh, and some video games have fantastic music. Here's an orchestral piece/arrangement from Final Fantasy VI:
Terra's Theme

And an orchestrated version of Chrono Trigger's Schala's Theme

Hope you like 'em.
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Most of Yuki Kajiura's works for orchestra and piano fit, but Grief from Fate/Zero especially does:

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this is how its done
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^thanks will be adding to my playlist
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