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Old 2014-09-27, 14:28   Link #1
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da capo 2 plus communication help

im playing that game and i cleared 12 girls now, but the problem is i havent unlocked the interview (in da capo 2 you can unlock it if you finished all the six girls).
the question is:
1: is there a secret character in the game?
2:if there is how to access them? (what places/choices do i pick?)
3: if not do i need to finish also the bad ending for them?


also please move this post if it is not belong to here, thanks
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Old 2014-10-02, 13:59   Link #2
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You can see some information in fuwanovel forum, here is the website:
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Old 2014-10-08, 08:21   Link #3
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i found out a hidden character in the game:

a ninja girl (a short scenario)

how to unlock:

pick the 3rd choice
dont participate in student council (2nd choice)
(alternate your choice between MAYAKA and murasaki)
choose late (3rd choice)

[if you done it correctly, you will meet her while rushing to school]

choose cafeteria (i dont know if other places change the outcome)
choose cafeteria

[if done correctly, you will proceed to her route]

the scenario is hidden and will only reveal if you unlock it..........
also the 4/4 of the etc cg will be filled by this route

so that means there is another hidden girl in the game....... now on how to unlock it, any ideas?

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