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Unleashing the Homu-Rage
Join Date: Apr 2010
Epic Rap Battles in (Anime/Video Game/etc) History

Based on the Epic Rap Battle of History Youtube series

Raising Heart (Nanoha) vs 343 Guilty Spark:


Now watch me annihilate this light bulb in one blow
Think you can harm me with your Sentinel drones
Last time I fought UAVs, those noobs their asses got pwned

Spark, your a hundred thousand years out of date
I'll Starlight Breaker you, just like I did to Fate!
I'll tell you this now, this battle's already ended,
By the time this is all over bitch, you going to get befriended!


I am 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Installation 04!
You have British voice actor but your English is still poor!
Leveling buildings? Ha!, Your a noob at devastation!
I wipe out whole galaxies with my Halo installation!

Without Nanoha, you couldn't do a thing.
I'm an autonomous AI, your just some loli's bling!
They call your master lyrical but she can't even sing!
What's your your Starlight Breaker gonna do when I light my Halo ring!?


Halo Installation? Don't make me laugh!
Last time I checked, It got blown clean in half!
You couldn't beat me, not even in your dreams!
I hear your weak against lasers. Good, 'cause I've got plenty of beams!

I'm a devastating weapon in the hands of an ace!
Your just metal soccer ball from hula-hoop in space!
Wide Area Search! I've got you in my sights
I'm gonna fire a Divine Buster and blast out your lights!


I've got something say, and believe me I'm no lia'
I'm going to sideline you like they sidelined Yuuno Scrya!
You've meddled with protocol, and now your going pay
You're gonna get smashed up just like you did in A's

You need cartridges to attack, there's something you should know,
My laser beam never runs out of ammo!
I've got army of Sentinels, and were ready to blow you to bits
But I shall at least try make your death quick and painless!

Light Yagami (Death Note) vs Hayate Yagami (Nanoha)


I am Kira, God of the World!
Your just a wheel chair-bound loli turned magical girl!
So what if your an officer in a magical military
I'll demote you resident of the local cemetary!

Whether you live or die, Its all my decision
I strike down all who oppose me with lethal precision!
With a stroke of my pen, you will be defeated
Then I'll take a potato chip.... AND EAT IT!


Hayate Yagami of the TSAB here to teach you a lesson
My magic will blow through you like Matsuda's Smith and Wesson!
Your magic book can only hit one target at a time
I can take out a dozen city blocks with mine!

You use your powers with no care or responsibility
Your not a god, just a loose piece of artillery!
If you even try to harm me, it to won't go to keikaku
You'll get jumped by a mob of a few thousand pissed otaku!


I'm a more prolific killer than your average shinigami
Make you the deadest mahou shoujo since Tomoe Mami!
The story of this battle you will not live to tell
I'll send you beyond the grave to go hang out with L!


Light, your the one whose going end up dead,
Try writing in your notebook, with an iceberg on your head
You're outstanding crimes will be your own annihilation
Prepare to face the wrath of the Time-Space Administration!

Please comment and/or create your own battles.

Some possible future constestants include:

Haruhi Suzumiya vs Madoka Kaname
Akemi Homura vs Nanoha Takamachi
Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) vs Rena Ryuguu (Higurashi) vs Kotonoha Katsura (School Days)
Araya Souren (Kara No Kyoukai) vs Kotomine Kirei (Fate/Stay Night)
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Old 2012-04-01, 01:02   Link #2
Dr. Casey
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
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Age: 26

This topic is awesome. I'm not going to embarass myself by trying to participate, I seriously doubt I'd make a good rapper, but do Haruhi vs. Madoka and Yuno vs. Rena vs. Kotonoha! Those both sound the most fun to me.

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Old 2012-04-01, 05:18   Link #3
Behemoth Tactical Soldier
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yo, do one on miku vs. black rock shooter.
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Old 2013-03-03, 19:22   Link #4
Unleashing the Homu-Rage
Join Date: Apr 2010
Not sure if anyone cares, but reviving this thread anyway. This one is currently a work in progress:

Battle of the Eyepatch Moe Girls:

Mei Misaki (Another)


Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou)

*Takes off her eye patch*

It seems I need my glass eye to see you
I guess that means your something that just shouldn't be viewed!
I'll get this out of the way now, before I cause any confusion
I'd gouge out your Tyrant's Eye if it wasn't a delusion!

You need to stop talking about things that do not exist
You gotta bad case of chuunibyou and the cure is my fist!

*fakes a punch at Rikka*


I'm surprised your willing to show me your eye
You kept it close all season and left your friends to die!
Deny my Tyrant's Eye again, and believe me when I tell ya
You'll end up like Sakuragi: Impaled on an umbrella!
*Gets out her umbrella and thrusts it violently in Mei's direction*

If you value your life, Mei, I'd suggest relocation
My Tyrant's Eye can see that your hometown's an OSHA violation!
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