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Ghost in the Shell (1995)

I didn't see a thread for the original film. So I decided to make one. If the moderators feel it is unnecessary to have a separate thread for the 1995 release, please feel free to merge elsewhere.

I watched the first film after many years of not watching it. The last time I saw it I was at a very young age and didn't necessarily understand all of the themes that were in the film. After viewing it last night I have a better grasp of the ideologies, but I'm still uncertain as to what I'm supposed to take away as a viewer. The movie is pretty complex in nature, and one of the most I've ever seen personally within a narrative setup. The philosophies regarding technology and legitimacy of one's self-existence are definitely intriguing. I came across this discussion on YouTube that had a lot of interesting comments via a review of the film. Comments that extend beyond the film itself and how philosophies that are touched upon in it reflect real world attitudes on various subjects.

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I actually spoke with this person earlier today and had an interesting conversation regarding the film and then the future of technology with a more specific discussion on AI in general.

In any event, I'm hoping to hear various opinions on the film and it's messages from the community here.

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