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Old 2014-04-17, 10:23   Link #1
Tasuke Shichiri
♥Mikuru Asahina♥
Join Date: Nov 2013
Age: 33
Ragnarok odyssey ace (vita/ps3)

hi all!! so who else around here is enjoying this game as much as i?
for "Tales" fans such as myself, there's even free DLC costumes
for "Colette Brunel" and "Lloyd Irving" of "TALES OF SYMPHONIA" fame!!
in fact, this game provides enough customization of you character
that i was quite able to make myself a very convincing Colette
to match up to her DLC outfit!! i'll have to find a way to screencap!

((TOS character models in images below are Dev examples,
- not at all representative of what i mean about getting very close to dead-on character likenesses.
- i have not tried out the Lloyd Irving, but it does not look like one can get their character model
- nearly as close to resembling him as they can with Colette Brunel))

at any rate, while the game does indeed feel more like a glorified MMO
than a proper console RPG, i am still having fun pretending that the game
is Colette-chan's special adventure of her very own, taking her out
in an ever-expanding variety of outfits, some of them even rivaling
her stock TOS outfit in overall good looks!!
guess i'm just a total sucker for "Weaboo Nonsense" such as this...

♥Mikuru Asahina♥
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Old 2014-04-18, 15:40   Link #2
★The Eternal Lotus★
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: "the red sky & sea right there..."
Age: 31
yeah, i'm also loving the game so far. i finally gotten the cross save to work on
my ps vita to ps3, so i'm giving my vita copy to my little bro.

the ps3 version looks alright...not really all that good, graphically. but what i like
most for the ps3 version is able to play with the controller. playing on the vita
for about 1 to 2 hrs. makes my hands numb.

other than that, i've been running the tower's 25, 50, 100 floors. that 100 floors took
awhile to finish... i'm on ACE chapter 2 at the moment. been playing as the sword
warrior and killing stuffs left and right looking for my halomona sword so that
i can start working on some of those ridiculous orders to strengthen the weapon.
some of the orders are down right brutal, but i guess that will also make the game
last very long (but also tedious).

i've only face one of the new boss so far: Wymn (?), something like that. he was kind
of annoying and likes to knock you away when you're near him...
looking forward to facing more new bosses and enemies.
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