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Originally Posted by Hmm.... View Post
I didn't say they resemble Medieval Europe because there is a king and a castle in it.

I said they resemble Medieval Europe because they lack infrastructure we have in modern society. They are mostly small agricultural communities with only 12(now 8) settlements large enough to be called city,"walled cities". They have to go hunting, gathering and farming for themselves. No electricity. No refrigerator. No supermarket. No school. Parents need to stay home to look after their children.

One of the disclosed information indicated that there is a city inside wall Sina called Factory town. Perhaps, the central is already industrialized and the society there may be different. That is remain to be seen.

Tag something "post-apocalyptic" without a single evident shown in the story yet is beyond shallow if you ask me.

Post-apocalyptic means something that happens after an "apocalypse." I'm pretty sure the complete annihilation of human civilization is considered "apocalyptic."
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The Defeated. 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls - Part 6

The sad melody played at this episodes' ending moments gave a most depressing, gloomiest, and most tragic note closing this arc. It was unfair all that mountain of dead, and moreso when Levi and Erwin saw no choice but to throw away the corpses of the fallen in order to save what was left of the troops in the ride back home.

Two striking icons for this episode that became such tearjerkers on sight were:
1. Petra's lifeless body as she was dropped behind into Titan's grasp.

2. Levi's speechless expression at having no words to explain what became of Petra to her father.

I would say this expedition became the most devastating for the Survey Corps that ended up losing credibility in terms of efectiveness. The most critical error that Erwin and his faction made was assuming that all intelligent Titans possessed the same skills and weaknesses like Eren did; big mistake. From the Female, Colossal, and Armored, and not forgetting Eren, I learned that intelligent Titans are vast and different in personalities, skills, strategies, and intellect. Therefore, it is a suicidal approach to think what's effective against one intelligent Titan will work the same on another intelligent one.

Even when I got slight satisfaction witnessing Levi tearing the Female Titan's flesh and snatching Eren right from her mouth, that rescue did not ease my depression for all those brave souls dying meaninglessly deaths. And, even if I empathize with the people wanting to recover their comrades' corpses, I wouldn't dare venturing all by myself and alone in retrieving my friend's corpse due to fear and reality. Those two just made things go from worse to terrible stirring the Titans and jeopardizing the ride back home. Worst, their solo retrieving operation ended in more loses, and the need to dispose of the gathered corpses in order to save the remaining troops from the Titans.

Finally, what became even worse for a first time experience to Eren, Mikasa, and the new recruits was to bear the cold comeback at home from the citizens complaining that the Survey Corps yield no results but loses, expending their money. Those snide remarks were what Eren cannot allow, and if I were in the shoes of those citizens then I wouldn't think of criticizing the Survey Corps, because what goes around eventually comes back around. After all, they are the least successful faction, but at the same time the most proactive at taking action, followed by the Garrison when Titans invade the walls.
What about the Military Police? They do nothing and hardly have ever engaged in combat.
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