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Old 2013-12-07, 20:52   Link #61
Gx Hero
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Old 2013-12-08, 19:11   Link #62
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Talking Just read the 1st chapter in Chinese

I'm extatic I love this it's like an animanga of Nanoha I love the detail! In a way this is sort of a way to make for lack of detail that movie versions often have to go through. Now with this supplement material we can visually see the whole picture literally can't wait for future chapters and I'm totally going to buy the bound manga volumes when they come out! Also I don't really see why people dis Yukari's work so much. I believe that if you truly are a fan of something you appreciate all of the aspects of a chronicles development and respect it for its individuality because belive me even if they be parodies, spinoffs, alternate realities, their will always be something that makes it what it is and stand on its own. I think the more their is the more avaliable it is for a bunch of different people. I work with disabled students and a lot of them love nanoha but not all of them are able to enjoy all of the media, some can't hear so they have to watch with subtitles, some can't see so they listen, and some read. Give it a chance guys don't be so jaded, it's one of the best Magical Girl series that we've got right now besides Puella Magica and both have done an amazing job at introducing new mechanics and idelogies to the Magical Girl Stock character and that in itself I think makes it worth it.
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Old 2014-01-17, 18:19   Link #63
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Originally Posted by Takamura Mamoru View Post

>Higa Yukari

Kill me.
Indeed. Force designs already looked pretty mediocre. I pretty much just winced at any attempts to depict its characters scantily clad or less though it's better than Vivid by far. I guess the series was designed to look poor anywhere else besides the big screen. Season 1 and StrikerS were pretty meh looking too, leaving A's which wasn't bad but definitely still looks very dated compared to the movie now. (Still cute though)

I must say, While 1st season does have a lot of sentimental value; I can't really approve of all this rehashing. I mean, didn't they already have a manga based on the movie already? I mean I know they're sorta running low on ideas, but the hopes and dreams of this franchise go to that fanservice-laden manga Innocent? (Not the same sort of fanservice as Vivid, but pandering to fan sensibilities.)

In all fairness though, I would definitely say Movie 1st did miss out on a great deal of the other side of the series. I used to call it the boring side, but there's no reason why it couldn't be fleshed out more. I just don't see them doing that.

But hey, Nanofate pandering is cool, and unlike a lot of people I find it pretty funny. It'd be nice if they could provide more than that. Until then, I'll keep my expectations in tow.
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Old 2014-01-17, 19:12   Link #64
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Haven't checked out, any translation of this manga yet?
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Why would anyone bother? It's nothing new.
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Old 2014-01-18, 00:47   Link #66
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Neither it was MOVIE 1st manga but it was pretty awesome regardless xD
May 29 2010-2014

...4 yeargo, the day after never would be the same

~The ASFB~
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Old 2014-01-18, 01:05   Link #67
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We actually haven't discussed it yet. But considering we're doing everything else...
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