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Old 2015-02-25, 10:43   Link #1
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Post Cybernetic Body, Transhumanist or Purist

Today, development of new "parts" for our body that could one day even better than the natural counterpart basically moving by leaps and bounds. The cybernetic technology moving faster than ever, what once must be controlled manually like hand prosthetic now can be controlled by mind by using nerve interface to the point it is as natural as controlling the flesh counterpart, with the strength far exceed it.

The cybernetic eye , while still in development, now can at least see the shape and form of things, with no doubt of more improvement to come.

and this is just in a mere 20 years more or less from a crude prosthetic that is clunky, limited range of motion, manual control to mind controlled cybernetic prosthetic for limbs and for eye from something that can only perceive light, to can perceive shape and form.

we all know that technology is maturing at incremental speed, the speed of development of 20 years ago is not the same with the present development speed.

to thus the question, in 20-30 years if such technology becoming commonplace, and better than our flesh counterpart will you change it for better "part" or maybe even the whole body save the brain ala Ghost in the shell?

or maybe you will hold dear to your human body to the best you can only opting for natural option, if available.

or maybe taking the middle road, changing some part for cybernetic part to enjoy some advantage, like secondary cyber brain, replacing one arm with cybernetic equivalent, an eye with bionic eye that have an advanced capability like zoom, night vision,etc?

for me personally, i will take the middle road, maybe changing one arm, an eye and adding cyber brain just to give me an advantage in this ever competitive world of working.

what about you guys? full trans-humanist? purist? or somewhere in the middle?
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Old 2015-02-25, 11:34   Link #2
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Join Date: Dec 2005
If it ain't broke...

Anyway, if this really becomes commonplace and do offer better capabilities, I wonder what it would mean to the world of professional competitive sports. Would there be separate divisions for tech and non-tech?
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Old 2015-02-25, 16:04   Link #3
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This conversation treads inevitably into eugenics area, so I can't really position myself on it; such tech goes from prototype to "out in the market" but for the select few who have the bucks for it, creating a gap between people...and given the advantages of this technology, that gap can only get wider.

As for me, let's just say I got me two pairs of glasses instead of having eye surgery (640 euros against 7600, it was a rather easy choice) but if I -could- change my eyes, I'd do it...provided there are no compatibility issues or permanent risks.

There's also the issue of electromagnetism. With PCB-like fiber being used for many current prototypes, such products could cause all kinds of EM noise/jamming, so their use would have to be restricted in certain places. It would also cause people with, say, nano-skin be highly prone to temperature changes, since electrical conductors tend to conduct heat as well - would they have to use insulating oil for extreme temperatures, with extreme being something in the forties celcius?
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Old 2015-02-25, 17:35   Link #4
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Hells yeah, I'd sign up for a neural uplink, added memory, augmented vision, life prolonging implants and all that. And maybe some better protection for my brain so it wouldn't break as easily. Like maybe move it into my chest cavity, the head is kinda exposed.

Even if I could never afford all that and the technology would just empower the elite, I'd say go nuts. No point standing in the way of progress.
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