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Help with ANUB-lunar madlax song

in episode 07 at 17.00
does anyone noe the name of this song ?
any help appreciated
^_~ KeKe LaH
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Originally Posted by sexg0d
in episode 07 at 17.00
does anyone noe the name of this song ?
any help appreciated
That's the same song--albeit a different cut--as the one played when Madlax does her gun-dance in episode one.

The song is called "nowhere" performed by FictionJunction Featuring Yuuka. Yuuka's full name is Nanri Yuuka and is a seasoned voice actress and singer. The song is composed by the inimitable Kajiura Yuki, an accomplished music producer, composer, writer, and singer.

More on "nowhere": the song is affectionately known as "Yan-mani" among the fans--take a look in the 2chan anison board --because of the chant-like chorus in this song.

The song is available in the Madlax CD Single that features the OP song "Hitomi no Kakera"as well as "nowhere." International orders can be found at:
夜空に星が瞬くように Yozora ni hoshi ga matataku youni,|Sure as the nightsky full of twinkling stars,
溶けた心は離れない Toketa kokoro wa hanare nai|There shall be no separating these melting hearts;
例えこの手が離れても Tatoe kono te ga hanare temo|Even if these hands should ever part,
二人がそれを忘れぬ限り Futari ga soreo wasurenu kagiri|As long as it's never forgotten by these two in love.

君が望む永遠 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien|The Eternity of Your Wish
Sig. Note: The Japanese text is transcribed from the lines spoken in the show by myself (not good enough in Japanese). I'd like everyone knowledgable in Japanese to correct me in any errors|For the English translation: If anyone skilled in English comes up with a better, more poetic interpretation, I'm all ears.
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