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Old 2004-05-28, 22:27   Link #1
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Join Date: May 2004
Angry Help Me

why does my download keep going to 0.0 kb/s this is so gay its like been three hours and i have twenty megs downloaded and i have freakin satellite internet
i mean come on can someone please tell me what the problem is im getting kind of mad here
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Old 2004-05-28, 22:38   Link #2
Lord Sesshoumaru
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Ok...first have to calm down cause it's a bit annoying seeing 4 threads created for just 1 problem alone...

you gotta remember that people don't visit these forums every minute of everyday so it might take a while for you to get a good answer...

or nobody is answering you cause this question has been asked and answered so many times over that people just get tired of replying...i mean seriously..did you even bother to search?

In the download help forum alone there are 2 sticky threads that generally explain how to fix the slow d/l speeds...

General slow d/l's guide
BT step by step

so have a look in those threads before you create yet another thread...

and not to mention that you don't tell us anything about your system/setup...

we dont know what client your using...your OS...if you have a router/firewall...or anything..all you tell us is that you get slow d/l's...and that's not enough information for anyone to give you a straight answer...

so search first...and if you still can't find your answer...then create 1 and only 1 thread asking for help and giving us specific information so people can help you

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