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Old 2003-11-23, 16:26   Link #1
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Unhappy 10.2 "Jaguar"

I'm writting here because when I try to download with my Mac I can't !
Before I had a PC and I never have any probleme, but, now I'm with Mac OS X and I'm not able to download.
First when I read the note with Bittorrent It's wrote that I nead 10.2 "jaguar" to download... where can I find that???
And if I'm trying to download with the site I have a message telling me

" Internet Explorer doesn't know how to handle the type of file you have selected. You can choose to save this file to tour disk or you can configure a helper application for this file.
MiME type: application/ x- bittorrent
File Name : "
And I have different choices:

Save file as -------- but that don't work because the file create on my desktop is just javascript(I think)when i clic on I just have a window with
d8:announce43:[Triad]_Ultra_Maniac_TV_26.avi12:piece lengthi262144e6:pieces18660:<pi>Ve巀t*
RY2Ysw!" .........

plugin--------- I try but I can't access to Bittorrent
application ------- same thing I 'm not able to acces to Bittorent.

After when I try to pass by bittorrent and open the file I can't because I don't have access to my file, and if I try generate a bit torrent file It do nothing.
I'm lost!!!
please help me
Maybe it's just the problem of 10.2 jaguar....

:upset: :confused:
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Old 2003-11-23, 17:28   Link #2
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10.2 Jaguar is an operating system, better known as OSX. If your desktop is blue, you've got a dock and some nice stretch-animations for windows you have OSX. If your desktops looks grey you've got OS9.
In OSX you can see a little apple in the top left corner. Click on it and choose "About" in the menu. There you'll see if you have 10.2 or not.
Then you need to install bittorrent. Download the OSX image on the official homepage and follow the steps explained.

The error you get in your browser just meand that it's not configured properly. You can just chosse to save it and then open it manually. This will work too.
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Old 2003-11-23, 18:48   Link #3
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Smile thank u !!

thank u very much! ^o^
I don't know why it doesn't work the first time because I have Mac OS x (jaguard 10,2) but now it works!
And i lurn something,
So thank you for your quik answer I will can see the last episode of the anime I was warching!! ^^
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