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Old 2004-06-18, 00:54   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
I humbly request a seeder to Rockman.EXE Axcess!

The one done by Suteki-Yume and TenshOniz-no-HamiGaki. I am at 49%. Unfortunatly I run on my parents 56k modem so I start the download at about 10 or 11'o clock here in the eastern coast. I use net launch to shut my modem of at about 3:45 am because of phone issues with my parents. It has taken me two nights to get this far so about two or three more nights and I will be finished. I know this seems abit demanding but I grovel at the feet of those who can help me.

Edit: how silly of me. The episode I need is 1.
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Old 2004-06-18, 20:39   Link #2
Mr Seed
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
well i guess ur lucky 2day my friend cus im in a good mood so i'll seed dat one for if only some one would seed ep 4 cus im stuck at 98%

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