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Old 2004-07-12, 23:27   Link #1
Nani ?
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NSIS error bs .

help ! I cant download the azurus client , IM getting an extremely annoying NSIS error thing whenever I try to open the instaler .

Here is what it says

The installer you are trying to use is either corrupted or incomplete
this could be the result of a damaged disk , a failed download , or a virus .

It may be possible to skip this check by using the /NCRC command line switch ( I have no idea how to do that as it doesnt explain it since Im using windows which as you all know is a crap OS )

PS - I scanned my computer - No viruses at all .

if anyone knows how to fix this , or how /NCRC is used ... it would really help alot .
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Old 2004-07-13, 01:46   Link #2
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Did you download the right client for your system? NSIS error is typically seen if you download the Win32 installer and try to run in Linux/Unix and vis-a-vis.

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Old 2004-07-13, 05:39   Link #3
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Also, make sure to download the file again. Sometimes the download get's disconnected thus corrupting your downloaded file. You may even compare the actual file size with the file size that it's supposed to be.
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You can still find my Azureus Download Guide here

By all means, make sure to read this.
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