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Unhappy Can't download Ragnarok the Animation, help??

This is my first time here, I just started using Bit Torrent today. I was able to dl the first episode of Ragnarok the Animation fine, but I've tried to dl ep. 2, 3 and 4 several times with no luck. It IS downloading SOMETHING, but whatever it is, its a tiny file that cannot be played. Anyone know why? Please help!!

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Old 2004-07-19, 00:50   Link #2
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you could always go on their irc channel and download off one of their channel bots...
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Originally Posted by Colleen
It IS downloading SOMETHING, but whatever it is, its a tiny file that cannot be played. Anyone know why? Please help!!
This "something", is called a torrent file. Torrent files are sort of like a blueprint for a building; it's not really a building, but with the appropriate time, work, and materials you can make one. The same holds true for a torrent file. It's the blueprint for your media file.

Back to the building analogy, imagine you have a set of blueprints and you want a building. To get the building constructed, you'd give the blueprints to a General Contractor and he'd do all the work for you. In the same way, you give the torrent file to your BitTorrent Client and it downloads the file for you.

First, you have to download the client. You can get it here:

Second, once it is installed, you have to actually have the BitTorrent Client open the torrent file. You can do so by right clicking on the file and selecting "Open With>" and choosing the BitTorrent Client. See the picture:

This process will take a LONG TIME, so dont give up and cancle it.
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