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Bosses you hate

I've recently caught up with my friend whom i've hadn't seen in over a year. He was in pretty bad shape both physically and mentally. Apparently he ain't doing so well at work, job was so-so but it was his boss that made it hell for him.

Personally i've never had a direct superior who i extremely hate but if there had to be one i'd say it was from my first real employment. Worked at an insurance company and my department manager was a woman with random mood swings and prone to outbursts. I'm not directly under her as i report to my supervisor so i'm pretty much shielded from her outbursts except that 1 time i was late for work by 15 mins and got an earful from her. Usually she is quite nice and amiable to the general colleagues(i.e lower rank employees) but thats because shes not our direct superior. However her mood swings are rampant. She'll blatantly scream and scold employees in front of everyone even for small mistakes or even for nothing, withhold leave and bonus or other various punishments. Very unprofessional conduct and her mood swings are frequent. Indirectly it affects me too as once shes in a bad mood, the supervisors will take it out on us occasionally.

Within the same employment, i've also worked under another manager and she is racist. I do get some flak from her and a little sarcasm once in awhile, she particularly likes to pick on my dress-code(i am vain, i always ensure my outlook is perfect and dressed correctly for the occasion) and me being a smoker but for the most part she leaves me alone. But thats because her daughter's boyfriend is my friend.

Yea, generally i do not like female bosses. I've had 3 male bosses and those 3 were one of the best bosses i've worked for, in fact i've even became close friends with 1 of them.

So do you guys ever had a boss who you really hate?
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