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Old 2004-08-16, 12:49   Link #1
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When it starts to upload, my internet slows down

I'm using DSL on windows XP and the firewall is disabled. I haven't seen another topic like this so I decided to ask here. My downloads always start off very well but when it begins to upload, suddenly the download just falters and goes down to about 4 kb/s while my uploads go up to around 8 or 9. I never had this problem with Windows ME when I had it so I figured it has to be an XP question. Thanks for the help
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Old 2004-08-16, 14:37   Link #2
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Incognito
I also need to mention I'm using Azureus and it is green. If it is an asymmetrical connection, then why could I get great dl/ul speeds on Windows ME four months ago?
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Old 2004-08-16, 15:42   Link #3
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Since you are using DSL, I know what your problem is. The more you upload, the slower your download link will be. Each person's situation is unique so it's hard to give you a definate answer.

First, set your upload limits to 5kbps and see if it helps. If it does, gradually increase it up until it starts to impact downloads.

Also, how many concurrent downloads are you doing? Make sure you maintain a good share ratio so do not download a lot and not share. Set the # of torrents for download to 2 torrents and increase as necessary.

Finally, take a look a _Sin_'s guide for Azureus. there's a lot of good info there.
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Old 2004-08-16, 17:46   Link #4
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You should go to dsl reports to test your upload and download speed. That will tell you if you have an asymetrical connection. Then set your upload bandwidth limit to 80% of the tested limit.

Another solution (if you're lazier) would be to uninstall your Azureus client and then get BitTornado. Install BitTornado in its place. Now choose one torrent to download and only one. Since I want to make sure it is a torrent with plenty of ul/dl try this one: Samurai-7 episode 07. Make sure it is the only thing you are uploading or downloading on your system because we want to limit the number of possible variables.

Now set the upload speed to automatic. That is the little drop-down window in the lower left. This will automatically compensate in case your upload is capped, thus solving one of the two most likely problems.

The download window should look something like this:

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