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Old 2004-08-16, 19:06   Link #1
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Question Naruto Episode 53 (ANBU and AonE) - Questions...

Hi, first of all congratulations for the site and the community, it is really cool, useful, and all the good things
Second i am brazilian, althoug i know how to speak english, i can make some mistakes while writing here, so forgive me :P

The thing is:
I download the pack Nartuo 51_60 ANBU & AonE. When i watched the episode 53 it was really bad... the sound was delayed, sometimes the character speaks and the legends didnt appear.... and it is really strange to me, because i download all the episodes (from number 1 until 52) and all of them was perfect!! Just with this i had problems

I checked if the file was corrupted ( and the program said it was all right... so i come here to ask you guys, if they did wrong with this episode, or it is "my problem"....

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Old 2004-08-16, 19:43   Link #2
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Suggest you re-download the episode (if you use azareus you can select episodes from a batch) download Azareus here

Otherwise it could be your own computers doing, maybe you had a lot of programs running at the moment, that causes the subtitels to lag a bit.
But I think it's just a failed download.
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Old 2004-08-16, 19:50   Link #3
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Really thanks man!!

I was also looking for a program to just download one file from the torrent!!

Thanks a lot!!
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Old 2004-08-16, 20:05   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Ramses
Really thanks man!!

I was also looking for a program to just download one file from the torrent!!

Thanks a lot!!
Do not redownload the episode since you already confirmed that the file is not corrupt. (Download Azureus however, because it's a good BT client. See my signature on how to configure it)

It appears to be a codec problem, so go here and download ffdshow. Uninstall all your previous codecs and install ffdshow. If it still lags during playback, try Media Player Classic which uses less system resources as - let's say Windows Media Player - thus resulting in a better playback. Get it from the the link I mentioned above.
There is a little known provision in the Forum Rules that explicitly allows a moderator to remove any signature image that they believe to be inappropriate for any reason. That did not happen in this case because _Sin_ is so boring that he never even had a signature to remove anyway. So why is this text here? To attract attention of course - isn't that what a signature is for?
You can still find my Azureus Download Guide here

By all means, make sure to read this.
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