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Old 2004-08-31, 13:42   Link #1
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Router!!! help !!!!

i am on a what should i to do to make me download all those anime faster ???

and 1 more thing, i heard that if close firewall the ip might give all those hackers hack ,but yesterday i close my firewall to download some anime and now i found that when i am not visit any website and never download anything but my modem still working and my net is gettinf slower feels like got ppl sharing the net with me, so is my ip hacked by someone ? if really hacked what shuold i do ?

pls tell me as fast as posible, i really wan to know waht is my com happening

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Old 2004-08-31, 16:15   Link #2
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Probably gonna need some more information to get a good idea of your setup. Such as, does the router use NAT (network address translation, so you can place more pc's behind 1 connection with a single ip) or not? And where is that firewall, on the router or on your pc? In case you're downloading with bittorrent you'll have to allow/forward some ports from the router to your pc.

No idea what you mean by closing your firewall to dl anime. If anything, you need to open it up. As for hacking, that's a bit out of my league but you may want to run a virus scan and check for spyware with Adaware or something.
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Old 2004-08-31, 17:04   Link #3
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by "yesterday i close my firewall to download some anime" I believe he means that he turned off his firewall to get better download speed. He is afraid that he was hacked at that time and wants advice to getting rid of it.

I'd suggest that you Start Menu -> type msconfig -> Click on the Startup tab. If you don't know what anything there is, run it through google to find out if it should be on your system. Then run a virus scan.

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