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Old 2004-10-13, 17:12   Link #1
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Help with Azereus

Hello anime fans, I am in dire need of some help here. I am an avid torrent user and have had no problems up until last night with Azereus.

I am running a wireless network and everything works great until I start Az, Once the download/uploading begins i suddenly cannot surf from any pc's on the network. This is a major problem considering one of the PC's is strictly a work PC.

I have tried all kinds of things, I thought it was just using ALL the bandwidth. But it doesnt seem to be the case, I have lowered my Maximum upload speeds to 12 kbps (my max is 75kbps) and it still does the same thing. Once I close Azereus a few seconds later the connecitons no longer time out and I can surf like normal again. I must keep a torrent client on my PC and I am VERY fond of Azereus.

Like I said before this problem JUST started, I have been using Azereus for months now and I have had no issues.

I am going to scan my PC for a virus right now possibly when the port 6881 opens people may be able to do a DoS attack? I dont know.. I am at a loss.. Anyone else ever run into this problem?


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Old 2004-10-14, 23:10   Link #2
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I've never heard of this problem, but you could try disabling UPnP and see if that helps. It's under Configuration > Plugins > UPnP > Enable UPnP.
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Old 2004-10-16, 01:18   Link #3
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It would help if we knew your pc specs like os and stuff. I would go to configuration and lower stuff. Mainly in the transfer menu. Lower the max connections and try some different settings till it works. Once it works you can start turning them up little by little.
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Old 2004-10-16, 01:54   Link #4
It's Magic
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A router bug I've heard, but that is if you're using a Linksys router.
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Old 2004-10-17, 14:51   Link #5
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switch to another client? bit tornado <--- i would recommend
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Old 2004-10-17, 22:52   Link #6
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Did you cap your ul/dl limits so you do not flood the Internet conneciton and wireless connection? This is an issue if you use Linksys and d-link.
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