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Old 2004-10-15, 22:37   Link #1
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BitTorrent causes BSOD

Would appreciate if u help me...
The problem that i have concerns bittorrent network only. Why I'm sure of it-->When i stay offline i don't have any BSODs, when i download from ftp or some site(a big file for longtime- about 300 mb for about 1 hour) i don't have any BSOD's neither.
Drivers and soft: I have all the latest drivers for my network cards. I actually used 3 network cards--> the same thing on all of them. I even used a USB network card that comes with my SpeedStream 5200 DSL modem, still receive BSODs...
I have reinstalled Windows twice: 1st: XP on XP, 2nd: XP on Server 2003. Which means that the problem is in hardware or internet connection. For sure not in software. SO... PPL PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
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Old 2004-10-16, 01:24   Link #2
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I had this problem also. I just posted in another thread telling a guy this same thing. Go into configuration and lower and change some settings around till it works. Mainly in the transfer area. Maximum number of connections and global should be lowered. Some checkboxes say stuff like "for disconnects" try those. Also under view/plugins hit irc and you can get help in real time.

[edit] i just noticed this the wrong folder for this question btw.
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Old 2004-10-16, 01:25   Link #3
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Have you tried different bittorrent clients to see if you still get BSOD's? And what is the BSOD displaying? Event Viewer may also have some more info on it.
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Old 2004-10-16, 10:07   Link #4
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Yah, i tried different clients... like: BTShadows, G3Torrent... I still get the same thing... I also tried event viewer--> Error code 0000007f, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000. No false drivers and stuff like that, doesn't say anything...
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Old 2004-10-20, 12:19   Link #5
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Blue screen of deaths are mostly from driver conflicts.

The notorious BSOD resulting from Bittorrent is definitely from the network driver problem. BT pushes your network card to the limit and so any faults in the drivers will be magnified causing BSOD. This happens mostly to people with linksys cards because the linksys driver isn't suitable for BT, so they need to go download the original manufacturer's drivers which is from AMDTEK. If you're not using a linksys card, the only suggestions i can give is update network drivers with whatever company it's made from.
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