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Hello, folks. If any of you are interested on SCU and its concept and ideas, try the game, provide feedback and be sure to go to Kickstarter to pledge a fund for the creator of SCU in order to support their intriguing project to be completed. We got 3 days left of funding before the deadline, so hurry.

Even Blizzard agreed to support this game.
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Been 2 years since I quit. I won't be buying HOTS as of now (at least not at full price), but do tell me about the state of

I'm not one to really complain about balance though the attitude towards patching, balancing, and especially the fluidity of the professional map pool are things I'm interested in.

The reason I feel this is that both Starcraft and Brood War were in fact quite terrible on 95% of default maps, and it took a sincere effort to craft balance that way. It's not necessarily balance that make that game particularly special, but rather the high skill cap it entails (so balance doesn't matter up to the progaming level). Still though it's been commonly asserted that even in Brood War that T>Z>P>T although it's most likely smaller than most people imagine, at least, when they're not making excuses-- usually when you lose to someone, you were most likely terrible and any imbalance wouldn't be able to be taken advantage of.

Truth is, balance was most likely a fluke considering 3 of the new units in Brood War are useless in 95% of games. A lot of the new Brood War units, the Corsair, The Valkyrie, and the Devourer were designed to counter light air especially mutalisks as they were OP in Starcraft (Hmmph, those bastards are always OP if you ask me). Add in the goliath range upgrade and you can see how they imagined countering air would like in? In reality though, these are terrible counters to mutalisks aside from corsairs and you rarely see them aside from that 1 infamously genius Fantasy Build . Even Dark Archons "counter" them better. And where the fuck did they go anyways? So yea, Brood War isn't exactly the perfect game either despite what dem nostalgia glasses tell you.

The main reasons why I dropped sc2 were due to the poor social features, boring and terrible custom map system, no support for modding whatsoever, the Protoss seem like utter wimps, and that the game at that point was not very fun to watch (blob vs blob and movement isn't very fluid) as well as Blizzard aggressively nerfing whatever the hell the FOTM is. In essence I didn't find it fun to play or watch due to the rock paper scissors nature of things. So changes in that will change my mind.
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