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Old 2014-09-17, 13:57   Link #1
Strange New World
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Retired forum

So what needs to happen to bring back a series left to rot in the retired part of the forum despite the series being very active?
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Old 2014-09-17, 14:43   Link #2
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General speaking, we do not reverse a subforum retirement unless it has a new anime project announcement.

If it was active enough without that, then we probably wouldn't have moved it to retired the subforum in the first place.
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Old 2014-12-25, 18:42   Link #3
Strange New World
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Location: Canada eh.
The series in question is Higurashi. Higurashi is more then just the anime, the franchise is constantly releasing new games (Heroine Chronicle, Higurashi Sou, Higurashi Hou just these 3 months) and there usually new books/manga released as well as translation releases, it also heart of Ryukishi07 news to other sub series of the franchise. Plus when it did release more Anime, our Forum still did not get unlocked or unretired. The retiring that forum is making it hard for fans to communicate, and new ones to find us. Our merchandise thread got locked as well as our Daybreak thread. We do not even have a general thread so we are forced to use the few open threads to cover all discussions.

I think the When They Cry Franchise needs to be repackage for animesuki forum, to unite each part of the franchise (Higurashi, Umineko, RoseGun Days, Higanbana, and smaller series) and give us a forum to allow us to discuss the new games, merchandise and books instead of them being lost throughout the forum.

Could you perhaps start a Sub-Forum titled When They Cry[Higurashi/Unimeko/Others] or When They Cry [Anime/Games/LN/Manga] ), help reunite the forum and to let us be able to freely discuss stuff and perhaps we can give a thread of general links to those poor subforum lost in animesukie.

Or lend us a mod to add some new threads to our Higurashi and fix up our forum >_<
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Old 2014-12-27, 01:06   Link #4
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(That was sort of a delayed response, but okay...)

I think one of the issues is that our anime series sub-forums are really centered around anime. This is by design, but it has a sort of consequence for cases where the anime comes and goes but the franchise itself stays alive. Some of the hardcore franchise fans want the sub-forum to be a hub for the entire franchise (and to thus stay alive for as long as the franchise still has fans), but that wasn't really the intention in organizing it that way in the anime section. We don't really want to bump up the anime sub-forum when there are no more new anime, because then our "Older Series" section just stays more bloated.

We've tried experimenting with novel sub-forums in a few cases, and may do more of these styles of experiments. These are obviously separate from the anime sub-forums, so have a lifecycle of their own that may well exceed the anime. This approach has pluses and minuses, but might possibly address this sort of issue.

I will also note, anecdotally, that a lot of times when these franchises reach the sort of "die-hard faithful community" phase, the sub-forum takes on a bit of a different dynamic that is rather different than what you generally have when an anime is airing. Frankly, there tend to be a lot of cyclic arguments about contentious issues, like shipping, or certain plot points, and so on. Often times, it's the same small group of people who get into the same arguments over and over and over again... and this tends to be amplified a bit because a lot of the rest of the forum population has moved on (including the moderation staff), so there's little else to discuss. These arguments also tend to discourage newcomers from trying to participate, so it's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm not saying it's always like that, but this is something we've noticed repeatedly over the years for the franchises that ended up in this sort of situation. So I'm not really sure if we really have a good solution of how to solve that problem either; to keep the sub-forum alive, vibrant and interesting to the community at large even when the franchise itself is generally past its prime outside the hardcore fans.

So all this to say... our structure and approach is pretty good for franchises that follow the normal "lifecycle", but less good for franchises that have a small but passionate remaining fanbase even after the anime's long gone, perhaps like this particular franchise.
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