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README Before Posting a Resharing Request!

When requestion a resharing request, make sure that:
  • Only ask if there are ZERO seeds for the torrent
    Do not ask for seeds for torrents that have 2 (or more) seedsd listed on AnimeSuki
    (UL column) or on the site of the torrents themselves. That means the torrent simply IS seeded,
    so any resharing request will be ignored. If you think there is something wrong
    with a torrent, check the Download Help section first to see if there is
    something you can do yourself to fix the problem (=have the download progress).

    Sometimes a tracker is down or something else happens to cause a torrent
    to have zero seeds momentarily. Please wait AT LEAST 24 hours before requesting
    a reshare. Only after that much time you can be fairly sure a torrent is unseeded.

  • Make sure tracker or torrent website is not down
    If the tracker or the site holding the torrents is down, resharing is impossible.
    Do not ask for miracles.

  • A torrent link MUST already exist!
    Do not request a reshare of something that is not available on BitTorrent!
    This forum is for REsharing requests only, that is when EXISTING torrents
    no longer have seeds (UL column = 0 on AnimeSuki). Also see the next note
    as frequently individual torrents are replaced with batch torrents.

  • Check for batch torrents and use them!
    Before you ask for a reshare of an individual episode, check if it's included in
    a batch torrent. If so, just use the batch torrent to resume. Quick how to:
    • Start the download of the batch torrent
    • Once the allocation step is complete, stop download again
    • Copy the files you already had over the files in the batch torrent folder
      (make sure filenames match!)
    • If you use Azureus, right click on the batch torrent in Azureus and select "Force Recheck".
      BitTornado & others will do this automatically when you load the torrent again.
    • Resume downloading.
    Note that this of course only works with files from the exact same group. Ie. don't
    resume a torrent with "Monster" episodes from Anime-Kraze with a batch from Soldats.

  • How to make a resharing request
    If you are sure you have a valid resharing request, please mention the following
    information in your request:
    In the title of your post:
    • group
    • title
    • epsiode number(s)
    • (optional) the % your download is stuck at
    In the body of your post:
    • link to the torrent

  • Do not ask for a reshare of a torrent not listed on AnimeSuki
    The main point behind this rule is that it is against the forum rules to even mention
    links to (for example) licensed anime, dvd rips, warez etc, so it's pretty pointless and
    an even worse violation of the rules to ask for torrents like that to be reshared!
If you do not follow these notes, your resharing request is likely to be ignored!!!
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