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Old 2009-11-25, 16:36   Link #1041
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Well I finished it, the ending and plot wasn't what I expected but was still good, the wiki had a other plot...

But no matter, it's a shame there was no kiss in it, just a bite.
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Old 2009-11-27, 17:44   Link #1042
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Finished the anime a few days ago, then finished the manga today. I loved both stories and the idea of a blood maker. Although I think the manga has a better close ending, I prefer Elda's story in the anime than in the book. Most of the old vampire looks like pedophiles to me, especially Henry and I didn't mind the Sinclair family. Both are funny but the anime twists it in some way you can't find in the manga, especially when they made Ren semi-homo(lmao). Best shojo I've seen/read.
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Old 2009-11-27, 22:09   Link #1043
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Originally Posted by Vampire View Post
Best shojo I've seen/read.
Minor quibble and one of the reasons I find genre labels utterly worthless:
Karin is a shounen manga ->

Really, this is a poster example of why using publisher house labels is useless for defining story content or in excluding possibilities.
Trivia - define Toradora! define Love*Complex define Spice&Wolf define Kamichu! (Honey&Clover, Hataraki Man, etc) then go look up the publishing labels and toss those definitions

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Old 2010-06-02, 17:12   Link #1044
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Does anyone know what the Romaji for 'The Bloodgiving Vampire' would be? For some reason there is no subtitle on the old page:

Like for a second I thought Kami-chama Karin (which is unlicensed, unlike Blood-Giving) might be this but Kami-chama didn't seem like it meant blood-giving and it was about a magical girl genre and not a vampire genre.

Even so, a lot of vampires these days (Miyu for example) seem to also be magical girls.

Anyway, just to distinguish them, I wonder if since this thread has a subtitle that one could also get one? I mean even though it's licensed, just so people have an idea of what's what.

Originally Posted by Levski View Post
in the OVA they explain...

What the ending missed: A hot makeout scene between Karin and Kenta. There just had to be one, but i guess in the OVA there will be.

If there is an OVA: The OVA takes place in the near future maybe in an year or so
BAM perfect 5 min scene into the OVA. I rule >.<
Do you know if Geneon or Funimation has also bought the licenses for these upcoming OVAs? I wonder if we'll see them as I know sometimes when the TV is licensed the OVAs aren't and can be enjoed. Also, that first statement makes it seem like it's already been published, was it more like "I hope the OVA will explain" ?
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comedy, shounen

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