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Old 2015-06-25, 15:22   Link #1
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Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare

Gender bender manga Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare gets anime adaptation from the latest wraparound jacket of its issue.

Plot Summary:
On one particular day, a high school student, Shuichi, saves a magical fairy Sylphy from drowning in a pond. When Sylphy offers to grant one wish out of gratitude, Shuichi immediately asks for a "cute childhood girlfriend." Sylphy then turns Shuichi's childhood male friend, Iori, into a girl...! The newly female Iori is surprisingly cute...!
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Old 2015-06-25, 15:51   Link #2
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Say what? How I hate this kind of plot
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Old 2015-06-25, 16:05   Link #3
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Wow that fairy is a twisted piece of work.....
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Old 2015-06-25, 16:18   Link #4
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I wonder if it was a fairy, not a Jinn? Because it's usually Jinns who are pulling such a messed-up tricks.
Poor guy.
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Old 2015-06-25, 16:35   Link #5
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OMG, you guys have no sense of joy in new things in life.

This is a really out-of-nowhere announcement. Didn't think the manga was that popular.
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Old 2015-06-25, 16:36   Link #6
俺強えええ (笑)
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Looking forward to getting a good laugh from this.

Edit: Wait what? 実写化? Live Action? O_o
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Old 2015-06-25, 21:55   Link #7
Utsuro no Hako
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An actual, honest to god futa series? Praise be!
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Old 2015-06-26, 00:30   Link #8
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Welp that was fast. I was reading the manga thinking "No way they're going to animate this". Oh how wrong I was...

Oh well, like that twintails anime, the main duo are childhood friends. So at least there's that? Though I dunno how to feel when both of them are naturally guys, where in twintails they're opposite genders. XD

So like Nisekoi, I guess it's time to stop reading the manga. Though honestly, I feel there's as much plot progression in here as there is with Nisekoi, so I'm not even sure there's a need to avoid the source material.

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Old 2015-06-26, 00:42   Link #9
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One of the worst gender bender stories I've ever come across if not the absolute worst. Every chapter of the manga just continues to shit on MC and his friend is just an asshole with no redeeming traits at all. I know it's supposed to be a "comedy" but the only "comedy" is what kind of stupid way MC will be forced to turn into a girl against his will which really isn't funny at all.
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