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Old 2014-09-08, 21:12   Link #1
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Transformers V

‘Transformers 5’ News: Michael Bay, Mark Wahlberg Out, Shia LaBeouf, Megan
Fox Returning?:

"The latest Transformers 5 news could change everything. It seems Mark Wahlberg,
in spite of being part of the highest grossing film in the series, has left the franchise
alongside the ever critically despised Michael Bay."

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Old 2014-09-08, 22:56   Link #2
Cinderella Gang or Die
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No more explosions?

Ah, well. At least he can make some time to adapt Evangelion now. :P
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Old 2014-09-09, 19:24   Link #3
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Well, why not? I don't see any problem letting someone get a shot at directing for a change.
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Old 2014-09-09, 20:03   Link #4
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The problem is, Paramount should’ve done that for Age of Extinction. AoE should’ve been a soft reboot or a fresh new start for the franchise and they should’ve brought new writers and new director for it. They missed a golden opportunity to say goodbye to all the “Bayism” of the previous TF movies by chickening out and went the safe way by bringing back the million-dollar-Bay and Ehren Kruger for the script. The result is, instead of a fresh start, we get exactly the same trashy story & execution that we’re all familiar with when it comes to Bay movies (even though AoE is arguably the best TF movie so far). Seriously, in an era where popcorn movies becoming smarter and have more coherent plot (eg. Dawn of the Apes, X-Men DOFP, Cap ‘Murica 2, etc), TF movies become more and more like an insult to the audience’s intelligence (if not a very big middle finger). And now they’re gonna dump all this mess to a new director to continue? *sigh* We already had a bloated bad movie to re-start/re-fresh a franchise. Might as well go all out by hiring Bay to finish the next trilogy and temporarily put the franchise into a coma to be rebooted again after five years or so.

Anyway, now that Bay has stepped out, I wish he can direct the next GI. Joe movies. He’s perfect for the franchise. Hell, I think he’s born to do it.

PS: I feel really sorry for Peter Cullen to keep starring on these TF sequels after a rather acceptable first movie. He (and his voice as Optimus) deserves better.
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