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Old 2006-03-02, 21:10   Link #1
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Join Date: May 2004
Countering BT throttling by http tunnelling?

Is it possible to get around all those BT throttling done by ISP using http tunnelling?
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Old 2006-03-02, 23:18   Link #2
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Prehaps you should try asking this question another forum.
has an excellent forum where the developer is very active on.

I suggest this because I doubt anyone knows what http tunneling is.
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Old 2006-03-03, 10:28   Link #3
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Well, to put it (very) simple, HTTP tunneling is the act of bypassing different type of restrictions (say, filter lists or firewalls) by redirecting traffic to port 80 (the HTTP one), which is open by default since all normal web traffic happens through this port.

As for bypassing throthling, it greatly depends on the method your ISP is following to throttle you. If it's simply by the number of requests it is made to you (which I suspect it is), then you are screwed either way
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Old 2006-03-07, 15:23   Link #4
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My friend is using http tunneling to bypass our ISP, but I need an invite to get it and he couldn't give me one, anyone know any other places where I can get them? Using the new encrytion system doesn't help me since most users I am connecting to either uses Bitcomet or doesn't turn on the encrytion.
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Old 2006-03-07, 15:28   Link #5
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try using encrypted headers, some clients support it
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