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Old 2006-03-05, 21:14   Link #1
Join Date: Dec 2005
differsnet versions torrents

why are there like different versions of torrents of a anime like version 1 and 2, coz now im downloading Rec version 1 but its inactive and 2 is out should i stop downloding the 1st one?
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Old 2006-03-05, 21:34   Link #2
Gao~ a sound for the ages
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Of course stop downloading the first. The first verison for some reason or another was dumped for a new verison.

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Old 2006-03-05, 21:39   Link #3
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Use the second version. The first version as Kurz said was reabsorbed because it probably has something wrong with it. In fansubbing, the higher the version, the better it is (most probably).
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Old 2006-03-06, 02:28   Link #4
Love Yourself
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The versions aren't just different torrents, they refer to different files. Fansubs aren't perfect; occasionally a major error will slip through (translation, editing, timing, encoding, or any combination). At that point, sometimes the fansub group may feel that it's a large enough problem to warrant fixing it, re-encoding the episode, and re-releasing it. Those are the version 2's you'll sometimes find. (And if the group is really rushing and not checking themselves properly, version 3, 4....)
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