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Old 2011-01-18, 03:03   Link #361
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Brand new 1/13/2011 on the American Death Note film remake.

Says it will be directed by Shane Black who claims to be a big fan. As well ZacEfferon noted he was a fan of Death Note but he will most likely not play Light Yagami. Black will be writting the screen play and for some reason the article is talking about Christopher Nolan and Inception (have no clue why). As of now no specific filming or release date.
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Old 2011-01-19, 03:12   Link #362
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Kill me right now if that guy is gonna play Light in the movie.
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Old 2011-01-20, 21:39   Link #363
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Yea I really hope it doesnt become death note musical... although if zac effreron is really a fan of death note, I suddenly have a little more respect for him, bearing in mind I had none
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Old 2011-01-24, 16:49   Link #364
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He can't personificate Kira, I doubt that he can even laught or write on a notebook without starting to sign "we are in this together" to Ryuk and play a coreography in the Light's room -.-
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Old 2011-06-08, 13:39   Link #365
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hi, i wasnt sure where I could ask this so hope its ok. Im looking to but the live action films for Deathnote ( the japanese ones ) but I would prefer to get a dubbed version.(english) Can anyone tell me whether this was made and where i can get it? only im having trouble finding it and so far have only found a dubbed version for region 1 dvd but I need region 2....

any help or info would be much appreciated - cheers
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Old 2011-06-09, 15:09   Link #366
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I don't believe that an English Dub was made for the Live-Action movie. They only found it in their interest to dub the anime, not a live-action movie that would lose the interest of major fans for Death Note. Or they simply don't know of the live-action movie themselves and decided not to dub it?
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Old 2011-06-10, 04:56   Link #367
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aww that sucks..... thanks for letting me know
guess ill have to go with the subs then
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Old 2011-06-24, 10:56   Link #368
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I've already watched the Death Note movies on DVD. I'm a big fan of death note too! And also I'm a half Japanese But I must say, I'm a bit disappointed by Light and L. Light should look good than L. But on the movie, L looks better than Light. Gosh! But when it comes to Amane Misa, (though she has a different hair color on the movie) she still looks great. I really adore her.
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Old 2011-10-30, 17:58   Link #369
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It seems the director of the American movie version of Death Note understands what Death Note is about

Originally Posted by
The next audience member asked if Black’s American movie adaptation of “Death Note” was still happening. Black said that it was, though for a while it seemed the project would be dropped as the studio tried to “loose the demon” that was a central character to original manga’s plot. “Loose the Demon, we don’t want the kid to be evil…they just kept qualifying it until it ceased to exist,” said Black, adding that the demon and main character becoming evil are now back in the script as, to his mind, the movie should be about, “The creation of a villain, the downward spiral,” said Black.
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Old 2011-11-06, 17:05   Link #370
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DN American remake is only a rumor at this point.
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