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View Poll Results: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Zwei! - Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 1 5.00%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 5 25.00%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 13 65.00%
7 out of 10 : Good 0 0%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 5.00%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
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Old 2014-09-18, 16:06   Link #1
Yuri Moderator
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Age: 27
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Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Zwei! - Overall Series Impressions & Series Rating

This thread is to be used for discussing the entire episodes of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Zwei! ... your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, expectations and hopes about Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive footage etc.

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • Characters/Character Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Which kind of footage (Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive) you feel you'd really like to see.
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.

And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Script: 1-10
Soundtrack: 1-10
Editing: 1-10
Enjoyment: 1-10
Emotional Involvement: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

Feel free to discuss and more importantly, have fun
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Old 2014-09-19, 01:05   Link #2
Rev Okkin
Yorokobe, (Insert name)
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Animation Quality: 8/10 If BD release improves on this, then it ups to 9 or 10 depending on how good they make it.

Voice Actors: 9/10 I don’t know much about voiceacting in Japan but same voice actors, same awesomeness, I ain’t mad

Script: 9/10 Script was awesome, pacing was done well, ending didn't feel contrived even though it was a cliffhanger, Sasuga

Soundtrack: 10/10 Downloaded OST of both seasons, marathoning it on one playlist, awesome

Enjoyment: 10/10 Every bit of it felt well done, a few complaints that can be made but won’t since it’s just nitpicking

Overall, awesome stuff. If studio Silver Link keeps this quality up or even make it better with 2wei Herz and Dr3i, then this is an adaptation of an awesome spin-off well done.

When all the DVDs are out, I’ll either buy them all in one go or torrent the BD. Then I’ll marathon the heck out of them.
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Old 2014-09-19, 01:13   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2013
2wei isn't really done yet, so I'll refrain from giving this season a rating. Kinda like Fate/Zero 1 and Fate/Zero 2.
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Old 2014-09-20, 07:15   Link #4
Art Block Specialist
Join Date: Jun 2007
As a manga reader with this series being one of my favourite I'll start with some nitpicking

Firstly, the comedy. The humour in the manga is very snappy and sharp, here it's quite draggy in order to fill up the time quota. The one in the nurse office is the biggest offender of them all, making one simple joke overstay its welcome. I'm not sure how other people perceive them, but I feel like whoever is in charge here doesn't have a funny bone in him. It just feels lackluster.

Secondly, the pacing. I know that this is a business decision to split this 27 chapter series into 2x10 episode series, but man this show as a lot of new stuff put in to pad it up. I don't necessarily hate them in their own, but their existence just make things really draggy.

Lastly, the immediate high bar for the kiss scene in ep2. Let's just say that it takes away the best special moment in the 2nd half of 2wei. Given the backlash around the internet I'm not sure if this is a good decision.

Now onto the positives.

Kuro is awesome, absolutely awesome. I love her while in the manga, and Chiwa Saito absolutely nailed this character. Cute, Brash, Confident, and Sexy (no i'm not a lolicon). Kuro is the biggest reason why I love this franchise, and the anime version portrays her brilliantly from every angle (again I'm NOT a lolicon). She's a fantastic addition to the story, and there's just something great to see the archer style fighting more in 2wei.

which brings me to the next point. We all know by ep6 in the first season that Silver Link can do kickass action moments, and this series didn't drop the ball. Plenty of kinetic camera shots, and just lots of dynamic choreograph in the fight sequences, adding a lot more to what's already a great action manga. I mentioned previously that I don't like the draggy nature, but if the additional materials are of those mouthwatering combat scenes then I'm loving every bit of it.

My biggest letdown though is how the Bazette hype has to be at the end of this series, and the biggest moment be left until the very last episode, but man that exact moment is just perfect.


It's hard to judge this show objectively for me because I just love this manga so much so I automatically love this show by default even with all those minor nitpicking. Relatively this anime didn't exactly reach my expectation, but those were sky high to begin with. This is not the perfect adaptation I was hoping for, but my love for the manga was so great that I enjoy it so much.
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Old 2014-09-21, 19:19   Link #5
Join Date: Aug 2014
Relatively faithfully manga adaptation, not much more to ask for. On the other hand, the 2nd half is going to be...tough. Kuro and Bazette were the two opponents for the first half. Part 2 will only have one and that will only happen in the latter half of the series. Speaking about padding, the 2nd half is going to have either terrible padding or terrible pacing. Even if they include and expand omakes, it'll probably end up being bad.
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Old 2014-09-21, 20:07   Link #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
It's a faithful adaptation, with the action being well animated. My main concern is about the second half of the show. As Bogart has already stated, it will be a pacing disaster. I'm not even convinced there's enough material for ten more episodes without intruding into 3rei, I can see maybe six or eight at most. If 2wei and 2wei Herz had instead been one series of ~16 episodes instead of split cours, this (potential) pacing issue would have been nonexistent.
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Old 2014-09-22, 03:40   Link #7
Rev Okkin
Yorokobe, (Insert name)
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
I imagine Herz to be about 5-6 episodes then immediately the next week will be Dr3i.
Though is Dr3i done? Because if not, then Herz would probably be having filler/anime original episodes to pad all the way through for 10 episodes.
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Old 2014-09-23, 16:41   Link #8
User of the "Fast Draw"
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I'd say it was a fun adaptation overall. I was surprised they went the 10 episode route here, but it was enjoyable. Got a nice new member of the cast in Kuro and still got some nice action in there as well.

Of course curious to see what they do with the second part. A few things they could do there. Could add some more material to fill things in. Or could just dive right into the third arc and find a good spot to leave off before going to an official third season. Who knows.
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Old 2014-09-23, 21:30   Link #9
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Tatsuko, Nanaki, Suzuka and Mimi.
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Old 2014-09-25, 16:29   Link #10
a random Indonesian otaku
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It's a good adaptation

I noticed a better CG at battle scene which is epic
adding Kuro made this show become lots better because lots of "archer" scene

I enjoy every single battles, funny moments at school, hilarious moments in Illya's house, Juvia and Rin's banter, and revelation of Shirou's harem
some unforgettable moment would be when Kuro talked about her past... I can't handle the feels.. it's overwhelming

I would wait patiently for 2nd part

8/10 overall.. enjoyable and fun show

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Old 2014-10-11, 19:24   Link #11
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Originally Posted by Rev Okkin View Post
I imagine Herz to be about 5-6 episodes then immediately the next week will be Dr3i.
Though is Dr3i done? Because if not, then Herz would probably be having filler/anime original episodes to pad all the way through for 10 episodes.
I think they might well go into Drei, until a good cliffhanger within Drei.

Spoiler for Warning:Drei Spoilers:
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Old 2014-10-11, 19:41   Link #12
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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
I think they might well go into Drei, until a good cliffhanger within Drei.

Spoiler for Warning:Drei Spoilers:
That's too silly to be a cliff hanger.
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Old 2014-10-20, 02:26   Link #13
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Fate /kaleid liner PRISMA*ILLYA Zwei! Final Impressions

IMO, the second season ranks a little lower than the first, but I do understand that this particular season needed room for both Illya and Kuro to grow once the latter got introduced at the end of the first episode.

The normal life antics were needed in order to explore how Kuro was developing, making relationships, and interacting with Illya's world of friends and family. Nonetheless, they still addressed topics around the Archer's card disappearance, that the nurse is a character more than meets the eye, and Irisviel withholding particular secrets from both Illya and Kuro concerning their birth.

Let us take note that Shiro's appearance and role onscreen substantially increased, in contrast to the previous season, due that Kuro wanted to spend more quality time with onii-chan much to Illya's chagrin. Of course, I am not complaining with the slapstick antics and misadventures mainly caused by Kuro's mischief; even Ruby got to deliver some of the best one-liners in this season.
Unfortunately, I felt that by bringing Kuro onscreen, then both Ruby and Sapphires' roles got diminished proportionally, and they proved handy in the fight against Bazett.

Nevertheless, I regard this particular season with more replay value than the first one, precisely because of the normal life breaker episodes, at the expense of having the serious action content reduced.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the third season due out on next year's summer not only because of things cooking up with the eighth card, but also because this season took its time to remind the audience not to forget about Miyu but to watch out for her. I presume that any mysteries about Miyu's background will start to be disclosed in the next season.

This was the first show of the past summer 2014 season that I ended.
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