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Old 2008-06-29, 03:29   Link #1061
Astrid Widjaja
Anime 4eva
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I like the story
the characters
But (for me) I don't really like, if he add more ecchi
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Old 2008-07-01, 01:46   Link #1062
Random Object
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Originally Posted by Valerion View Post
Quick question, does anyone know what chapter the last episode in the anime ends at? I want to continue reading it even though the anime is discontinued (like Gantz, Berserk, Claymore, etc.).
From what I understand the manga isn't past the sewer street fight yet and the reason the anime was halted was due to the fact the anime was outpacing the manga (I'm also told that Claymore had the same issue). This is 2nd hand so I wouldn't take my word as law but it's what I've been told.
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Old 2008-07-04, 17:12   Link #1063
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Originally Posted by koei View Post
since they uncensored some stuff. I'm wondering if it'd be considered child porn because rika's like 14.
Rika is actually age 22 your thinking about Ringo
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Old 2008-09-03, 23:28   Link #1064
Dango Master
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I just dont get the idea of "street fighting" and "gangs" in animes.... it seems so unreal and childish. A pair of rollers with some illogically powerfull engine can make you say stupid things and act as if they were some kind of god?
The only logical thing i heard in the whole series was what that G-man with the coat said to Akito (behemoth)... that they existed to protect the normal people from those AT riders that went overboard.
Also if that kind of technology was created and even high schoolers can get them.... shoudnt the rest of the world be a bit different? I mean... how come cars are still the same >.<

Even though there are so many things i dont like.... the tournament / comedy with strong character main leads are the kind of anime i like the most and i cant say i didnt enjoy some parts like the 33.3 mt jump at the end. I would give it a 6/10 and hope for a better second season, even though it is very unlikely to happen-

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Old 2009-01-13, 14:30   Link #1065
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Air trek is supposed to cost tons of money, after ruining his first pair Ikki had to work in the ramen shop for a long time and then do parts war to get spare parts (it's a wonder his friends and classmates could afford them though).The plot starts off at a childish level,but then again this IS a manga for kids, nobody would be attracted to a pure trick show.As the manga goes on,the story is half-shaped, with many parts left blank or ambiguous (like Sora's attitude/true goals and Agito's origin),but I think it's a good thing because in the end you'll find out who Ikki really is-
, leaving a lot of room for the manga to expand.Can't wait for the next release
P.S:I suppose Buccha=butcher (like Kira=Killer xD)
does agito curse tons in the anime too?^^

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Old 2009-03-16, 11:08   Link #1066
A total anime freak^^
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Even though many of you say its childish.........i feel that there are many perverted scenes throughout the show and even in the manga......but it is true that the theme is meant for kids.......

in the end......we can only conclude that they have tried to convert the childish theme into that of youth like us!
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Old 2009-03-16, 13:47   Link #1067
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Its just an anime like the others unrealistic anime . You like or you dislike .
Well you said its childish but how many people who aren't a child anymore watch this anime ? i don't know how many but i know that they are many older people who watch it .
The unreal its somewhere something goods and entertaining .
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Old 2009-03-17, 06:15   Link #1068
A total anime freak^^
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ya.....who cares its childish or not......we only have to watch an anime for fun and not for the sake of deciding whether its meant for kids!!
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Old 2009-05-23, 13:47   Link #1069
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Thumbs up Looking for a specific picture from AirGear

damn, my preseverance has left me after going through the first 100 chapters of the manga without finding what I was looking for, so I'm turning to you guys for assistance..

If my memory is correct there is a page where the tv-headed DJ (Plug Man) is at his tables working his magic..
the view is from his left side in birds-view, kinda looking down on him.. I really regret not making a bookmark of that page should I find it, I'm gonna contact the artist and ask for permission to print it on a single T-shirt for myself

anyways.. soz, if it's the wrong place to ask such a question.. hope to find it soon
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Old 2009-05-23, 17:50   Link #1070
Part-time misanthrope
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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
but then again this IS a manga for kids
Yeah, blood and killing people is standard for a kids manga
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Old 2010-07-12, 01:15   Link #1071
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News from ANN.

It would appear that Air Gear is going to have the Ikki vs. Ringo match animated in an original animated DVD. It is going to be bundled with a limited edition Air Gear manga.
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Old 2010-07-12, 03:35   Link #1072
Beautiful fighter.
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Oh wow that's some staff line up. What a treat this will be.
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Old 2010-11-24, 10:48   Link #1073
Let's Puppystyle!
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So what chapter should I be reading the manga from? Anyone know if it's closed to finished yet?

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Old 2010-11-26, 04:12   Link #1074
Falls for it every time.
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I don't think the Manga is suited for kids... it's categorized as ecchi manga. There's a lot of gropping and nudity lol
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Old 2011-02-16, 13:04   Link #1075
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VALUE SECTION: 2/10 [You again? What do you want and you keep appearing every week?]
Historical Value 0/3
Rewatchability 1/3
Memorability 1/4

Based on an action/ecchi manga, Air Gear follows the normal path almost all shounen do. By being a typical series, its replay value is low, as it is reminiscent of a zillion other series. Before you start watching it, you should be aware from the first minute that it is nothing special in its execution and that it will be forgotten as soon as you watch your next shounen anime.

STORY SECTION: 4/10 [Simple and incomplete]
General Scenario 1/2
Pacing 1/2
Side Stories 1/2
Believability/Reasoning/Realism 1/2
Conclusion 0/2

Air Treck is a new sport, an extreme variation of roller blades with motors that allow high speeds and aerial acrobats. The protagonist plans to become No.1 in this sport (Owww, how original!). The story is pretty much about training and taking part in races. Typical ecchi and lukewarm comedy scenes color the otherwise cliché scenario.

The story is as typical as it gets. It has a cast of kids and teenagers, the protagonist wants to become the best in some game/sport/technique, and there is not bloodshed and sex involved, no matter the danger of the difficulties. And yes, the anime is typically watered down in comparison to the manga. It is not a bad story actually; hard guts, training, sweat and power of teamwork, it’s all there. It’s just nothing out of the ordinary which makes it predictable right away. I would have given it the base score of 5, but the story is left incomplete (the manga takes the story further) which is always a minus and thus became a 4.

ART SECTION: 5/10 [Great circus tricks, terrible circus tent]
General Artwork 1/2
Character Figures 1/2
Backgrounds 2/2
Animation 1/2
Visual Effects 0/2

- Character figures and ecchi scenes were too mediocre to write anything about.
- Backgrounds were quite realistic, probably because they were based on real locations. Not too shabby!
- The animation during the races was flashy but quite lame, if you try to reason with what is going on. The camera angles were ok and the acrobatics were fine. But the special effects were simply fake in comparison with the realistic backgrounds. Made the series seem like a low budget b-movie.

SOUND SECTION: 6/10 [The music excites me! … Or is it all those pantsu shots?]
Voice Acting 1/3
Music Themes 3/4
Sound Effects 2/3

Voice acting was as mediocre as the appearance of the characters.
Music themes and sound effects were above average, full of strength and easily evoked excitement over the sport. Nothing memorable after it’s all done though.

CHARACTER SECTION: 3/10 [Cool rollers on typical characters]
Presence 0/2
Personality 1/2
Backdrop 1/2
Development 1/2
Catharsis 0/2

Think of the most cliché cast there can be in shounen and you get the general picture. Just dress them in humorous sexuality and you are there. A boy is the protagonist that tries to become the champion, an almost slut-girl is his mentor, a girlish boy is his rival and … some others just to be secondary allies and rivals. Really, nothing out of the ordinary, as far as personality or character development goes. You will mostly care about the girls’ boobs and panties rather their … inner selves. You will just notice the air treks and the acrobats and the cheesy visual effects and completely forget the characters.

Oh, and if anyone cares, the cast is left without proper catharsis as the story is incomplete.

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 1/10 [Mommy, mommy, I want air trecks too! Buy them; buy them!]
- I dislike sports anime, whether it’s about football, golf, go, or roller blades.
- No matter the sport, the whole deal of watching 14 year olds playing a harmless game is simply boring. Who cares what training they do in order to become better in a game? Why should I believe that kids that try to become champions in some game are worth praising?
- It’s about a fictional sport; you don’t even learn anything useful out of it.
- Who cares about friendship, teamwork and willpower? I get plenty of those in every action series there is.
- Who cares about the characters? They are stereotypes, found in a zillion other anime.
- Who cares about fan service? I prefer hardcore hentai action.
- To my eyes, this series doesn’t try to excite kids into thinking about becoming athletes but just to buy roller blades. Meaning, it’s nothing more than a cheap, brainwashing, marketing trick, dressed with acrobats and lukewarm sexuality.

Ok, it had plenty of comedy and fan service; good for it. But I have seen much better elsewhere. Beyond that, it is another run-of-the-mill series that has nothing really original to offer.

VERDICT: 3.5 /10
The accused is found … GUILTY! … For pretending to be an aristocrat when in reality he is a commoner.

Alien 9. The only other anime with roller blades I know of. Though, the genre is much different. Dementia instead of sport and ecchi.
Eureka Seven. Not with roller blades, but with mecha on flying surfing boards. The only anime with so much attention to movement without vehicles I can think of. The genre is adventure instead of sport but characters and story are far more interesting.
Hikaru no Go and Slam Dunk. As exceptions to the rule, these sports/hobby series are nice to watch.
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Old 2011-03-21, 13:53   Link #1076
Tsukiyomi -Moon Phase-
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WTF is happening in OVA2? so confusing O.o

Kogarasumaru vs old sleeping forest
Emily is part of Kogarasumaru skaters now O.o
and Yayoi is going to be Akito's tuner = =;;

I don't remember Emily skating in the anime nor in the first OVA. And whats this tournament that they are going to join O.o
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Old 2011-03-21, 13:57   Link #1077
Beautiful fighter.
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Originally Posted by ZGMF-X10A View Post
WTF is happening in OVA2? so confusing O.o

Kogarasumaru vs old sleeping forest
Emily is part of Kogarasumaru skaters now O.o
and Yayoi is going to be Akito's tuner = =;;

I don't remember Emily skating in the anime nor in the first OVA. And whats this tournament that they are going to join O.o
The OVA's are mainly for manga fans, because it's adapting certain chapter arcs, instead of going in any order.

Also there's a thread for the OVA's.
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comedy, ecchi

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