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Old 2006-04-18, 12:15   Link #61
Thinking Different Member
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Originally Posted by Vexx
I agree the episode was beautiful .... really heartfelt. But I'm not clear on how a triangle is an "easy way out".... its a tough balancing act and requires Tomari and Yasuna to care about each other very strongly.
Maybe if we were talking about real life, but in anime world all they would have to do is show them all hugging and do a new "everyone is happy" end credits montage and call it a day. Forcing Hazumu to choose brings about pain conflict and suffering, but also love and joy. And if they change it to a triangle with this mysterious 13th episode I think it will cheapen all of the pain Hazumu and Tomarai had.

Maybe this 13th episode is the real red herring and it'll turn out to be another cliche day at the beach type episode. Can you say picnic at Mt. Fuji?
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Old 2006-04-18, 16:48   Link #62
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
I can't really understand why the creators wanted to leave the ending open, the only reason that I can see to put it is to save them the explanation about what happened with Tomari ( I think its not that easy to get over this kind of "break-up" from a beloved one).

I also think that there was something reather foolish about the ending of the story. Throught the last epsiodes I understod that the messege behined this anime is " Care for othe people"
. But in the end the only one we get some sort of reffernce to thier future realationship is Yasuna , Hazumu and somewhat Tomari. this is kind of negating the point of the anime since its in practice says "We only care about the main squad and the rest are unimportant". now I understand that they don't have much time for this BUT because of the messege I would have put more reffernce to other characters insted of the ending
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Old 2006-04-19, 06:22   Link #63
President Barbicane
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
Hmmm. Not the ending I wanted.
Spoiler for Hazumu:
Even so, I loved that ending. It reminded me of a quote from Virgil: Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori. It means: Love conquers all things; Let us all yield to love!
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Old 2006-04-19, 12:12   Link #64
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
Originally Posted by hi-hi
Here's what Yasuna said at the end:

Best ending EVER.
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Old 2006-04-19, 16:19   Link #65
*Kyuuketsuki Otaku*
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Originally Posted by President Barbicane
Spoiler for ep12:
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Old 2006-04-20, 03:29   Link #66
Join Date: Dec 2005
Enjoyable episode, even the ambiguous ending. However, Yasuna's illness has always been a bit tough for me to swallow, and her sudden cure was even tougher. It would have been more believable to see a gradual cure under Hazumu's love. The direction of the series leading me to think Hazumu subconsiously took "pity" on Yasuna added to the bittersweet air and the desire to give Tomari a giant hug. I echo the hope that the DVD releases don't drag out too long...
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Old 2006-04-23, 16:29   Link #67
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
Janpoo said something about Hazumu giving her her "first kiss." I'm sure it was a comical moment, but I don't remember when that happened?
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Old 2006-04-23, 16:46   Link #68
Save the Lesbians!
Join Date: Feb 2006
Age: 32
When she crashed into Hazumu, it was basically face to face. More like face to spaceship nose, but you get the idea.
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Old 2006-04-24, 14:23   Link #69
Seigi no Mikata
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Location: Toronto, ON Canada
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A second season?

The anime winds things up quite firmly, but could the ambiguity at the very end be intentional, to leave room for a possible second season? Weren't the ratings rather good for the original 12 episodes?
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Old 2006-04-24, 15:11   Link #70
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 57
Further up in the thread, its noted that there's going to be a 13th episode that is DVD-only. That makes it fairly likely that the end of the 12th is misleading to some extent. Haven't heard any noises for a second season.... yet. The release date for that last DVD with the new episode is early fall. If there's enough manga material and its popular enough to warrant a second season, we'll probably find out then.
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Old 2006-04-27, 07:35   Link #71
Lord Stone
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
I felt disappointed at the end that Hazumo chose Yasuna.

In the beginning of the anime, I thought the HazumuxYasuna relation was cute. My first guess was that Yasuna was a lesbian, and that that was the reason for her to reject Hazumu at first. A close guess, but not entirely. When I learned what the circumstances were about the first rejection, I didn't really feel sympathetic at all with Yasuna's case. Her behaviour when Tomari started coming into the conflict... well, it didn't really help to restore that sympathy.

Throughout the series I felt that the HazumuxTomari relationship was the most important one in the anime. HazumuxYasuna looked more like something that was turning into a close friendship rather than a serious relationship.

What I would have preferred to see, was a HazumuxTomari ending... with an added effect that Yasuna would regain her vision not because love... but because of her friendship with both Hazumu and Tomari... thereby saying there is more than only love that makes interpersonal relations work instead of doing the cliche "Love makes everything better" statement.

The Ayuki staring at Tomari's panties part was brilliant though ^^
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Old 2006-04-29, 02:04   Link #72
Ryuuku Sakigake
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2006
Ending thoughts...

Well, another series has come to an end, it seems.

Initially, what attracted me to the story was the idea of a male becoming a female by "magical" means, which sounds a little silly, [and in this show, the explanation was a little "silly" to me -- an alien species that advanced surely could have reconstructed him without altering his sex, c'mon now] but if you're an anime fan, you've seen silly. Silly doesn't bother me. The series itself, it's cuteness, it's focus on love, and the adorable Hazumu just sort of sucked me in after the initial chuckling. I sort of wanted Hazumu to return to a male at the end, or at least be offered the choice before the alien packed up and left. I guess it seemed sort of "unfair" to me. The elements of love/rejection/acceptance was handled fairly well, though I do think the Yasuna "Yurivision" [as some of you are calling it] problem was solved a little too quickly. Rushed, rushed, rushed. But at least it seems like Hazumu has settled on one girl, Tomari. [if only because it seemed as though he got rejected by Yasuna again, though it's up in the air] Hazumu's personality is very loving, and it seems like she wants to love everyone and keep everyone had have everything not change. It's pretty understandable, given the way she acts. However, I don't think Hazumu desired to be female -- I honestly think Hazumu was trying to be more "manly" especially in the beginning before the change. His change only allowed others simply not to care about his personality and manner, which probably seem feminine to most. To me, it's just "cuteness" not really "girlishness." But, since Hazumu is a girl now, he can be more "himself" without fear of scorn or ridicule. That's understandable, and cool in a way, but I almost wish the creator would've have at least given Hazumu an option to revert. If anything, it would have thrown another problem in the midst. Of course, Hazumu's change of sex never really factored very heavily in the story as a problem -- it seems as though his friends sort of saw him as a "girl" all ready. Even Asuta hinted that he was attracted to Hazumu before, [probably because of his behavior] and now that he had become fully female, those thoughts blossomed into desire. All and all, it's funny, interesting stuff, even from a story that's really not trying to be a sci-fi story, or even one that requires some deep understanding of sexuality.

One character I really liked, though she was pretty much a "joke" was Namiko. She seemed infatuated with Sora, and for all of his postulations about love, it seemed as though he never really practiced what he preached. True, he did say that his people had somehow "evolved" beyond close interpersonal relationships, but perhaps he should have experimented on himself more, and Hazumu less. Honestly, I think the whole "let Hazumu become a female" was a grand experiment by Sora "The Alien" himself, which seems cruel, but perhaps done out of an strict rational understanding that Hazumu would have been "better off" as a female. To me, it still is cruel in a way, because I can see Hazumu eventually growing into a young man, even a shy, "girlish" one. Even if it seemed as though he would never make it, you have to remember that the same friends that love Hazumu now loved Hazumu when he was a boy. That same strong network existed before the change. I think that's an important key to remember, when thinking about Hazumu's possible future as a man.

Anyway, enough postulation and rambling, nice story, cute young women, and a "questionmark" ending. I'm glad I stuck around. Now, time for the manga...
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Old 2006-04-30, 08:53   Link #73
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Germany
Age: 26
My thoughts about the last scene:
On the one hand the story itself demands of Hazumo to make a decision. She has to overcome her indecisevness and choose either Tomari or Jasuna. On the other hand kashimashi is one of those lighthearted stories where there is no real drama and massive losses. Those stories try to avoid any unchanable decisions or deaths that will lead to a tragic or bittersweet ending. Those stories have allmost allways endings where everything is allright and everything "is how it used to be".

So firstly hazomu must overcome her indecisevness. Secondly Jasunas illness have to be cured. Thirdly non of the two girls have to be left in the dust. They wouldnt let hazumo choose Tomari while Jasuna has to lead a loosy and lonely life with her illness. And they wouldnt let her choose Jasuna while Tomari is left behind and not able to see Hazumo again.
But the outcome where Hazumo dont choose anyone and would continue with both, is incompatible (or only with odd reasons compatible) with overcoming the indecisevness.

Its obvious that storywise its a bit hard to combine all 3 ending goal aspects in 1 ending. They contradict each other to some extend. So they choose an ending where Hazumo chooses Jasuna and cure her this way, while the everlasting friendship to Tomari is underlined.
It could have ended like that. But as I said those lighthearted stories are too cheezy to let it end like that. Tomari getting dumped is still a compromise. So they made sure not to make that typical everlasting friendship promise with Tomari which eliminates every possibility of a future romance and dooms their relationship to be only friendship forever. After Tomari made Hazumo go (at the river scene) she still called out for him and didnt want to let him go (theres still love).

So what i want to say is that there is no ultimate interpretation to the very last scene. The authors of the anime leave it up to the viewer. Tomari-supporters will think something like that Jasuna dumped Hazumo so that Hazumo go back to the river with Tomari and propose to her by crossing the river. Jasuna-supporters will think that Jasuno said something else about friendship or whatever and Hazumo is just meeting Tomari at the river out of friendship. Others might even think they might continue their indecisive tripple love relationship.
Non of those possibilities is wrong or right. Its just the authors way of giving the viewer the end they want to see and to compromise the 3 ending goals ive mentioned above.
Well... anyway...I still prefere the manga over the anime. But still im looking farward to the ova13 episode and im interested which possibility they choosed for the future development of the story or if they just avoid choosing a possibility again in some wierd way.
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Old 2006-04-30, 11:43   Link #74
Romance Slave
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Well I'm not sure if anyone said this yet, but in the beginning of the episode.. Hazumu says summer is ending.. so about the whole uniform change thing.. I don't think too much time passed after the Yasuna/Hazumu scene under the tree...

Overall I enjoyed the episode very much and it swayed my way toward the end before the whole tree scene :[ but oh well... only time will tell what is to happen later..

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Old 2006-05-08, 21:41   Link #75
disregard that (″-)ﺩ-
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The last episode was somewhat of a cliff hanger, and somethings were not tied up.

So, I'll be brief and somewhat rude.


Also: What's up with episode 13?
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Old 2006-05-09, 01:41   Link #76
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Well..... I don't know where you got your statistics about threesomes. So a blanket assertion doesn't go very far. Futukoi Alternative certainly went that way and polygamy has worked pretty well for millenia for many cultures.

Yasuna was clearly getting better at the end of ep12 so "movie death" is not likely.

Another possibility is:
Yasuna decides she really got Hasumi through unfair means (sickness) and releases Hazumi to go to Tomari... perhaps Yasuna goes to Paris to study <shrug>
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Old 2006-05-09, 17:09   Link #77
Author-type person
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Originally Posted by Vexx
perhaps Yasuna goes to Paris to study <shrug>
Actually, I hadn't thought of that one - and it could work, too. It's certainly better than another suggestion I've heard, "Yasuna decides to go after a boy now that she can see them."
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Old 2006-05-10, 19:17   Link #78
disregard that (″-)ﺩ-
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Originally Posted by Vexx
Yasuna decides she really got Hasumi through unfair means (sickness) and releases Hazumi to go to Tomari... perhaps Yasuna goes to Paris to study <shrug>

Genius! Let's go conquer Europe.
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Old 2006-05-31, 01:46   Link #79
Kani Fascination
Join Date: Dec 2005
just did a batch of the this anime, pretty good thru most of it... then it got boring. tomari got cheated, yasuna only got her/him cuz of the illness. i didnt like the ending very much, he never really give reasons why he picked the other girl only that he did... would be nice if he really did turn back into a guy, but i guess that would be the same cuz he pretty much acted, talked,moved and even has a VA like a girl. nontheless it wouldve made things more dramatic.

edit: i like this idea from Dakota: 2.Yasuna's condition worsens; then death. (Sad, but also possible). heheh
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Old 2006-06-24, 03:45   Link #80
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hahahahah .... you wont get satisfied by the anime version ... it's just the same case with Ichigo 100% or Emma ...
Just read the original script (red:manga version) and the true ending will revealed
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