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Old 2006-05-22, 18:54   Link #81
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Originally Posted by Sushi-Y
While I'm at it, same goes for the excessive higurashi (cicada) crys during Keiichi and Oishi's talk inside the car. The cries swell everytime something "big" was revealed, and after the second or third time, the effect really cheapens the atmosphere.
I think you know that they are like everywhere and can be heard at like all times in the summer in Japan regardless of how they use it.
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Old 2006-05-22, 20:08   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku
I think you know that they are like everywhere and can be heard at like all times in the summer in Japan regardless of how they use it.
I grew up in a place with cicadas/higurashi in the Summer, so I know very well just how noisy the little buggers are. I'm talking about the fact that everytime Oishi (or anyone else, for that matter) reveals something "shocking" or "important", it's followed by a loud burst of higurashi cry. It's fine if the effect was used sparingly or spaced out over time, with when it's used over and over again in a short period of time, it just doesn't feel chilling anymore.

Besides, higurashi (english name: Evening Cicada), unlike regular cicadas, only cry during early~late evenings, and they sound different too. So having the effect in the middle of the day doesn't make much sense either.

(For example, the 10:00 mark in Episode 2 is a good example of what regular cicadas sound like, while the 17:45 mark shows what higurashi sound like)
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Old 2006-05-22, 20:55   Link #83
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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But you've played the game too. Maybe, repeat exposure has lessened the effect of those cicadas. I kind of like it. The "hello people, important clue" sound effect for those who need it is nice.

For those into MADs, within this torrent file are these MADs.

Originally Posted by Higurashi Fan Pack #1
MAD Video 1.mpg = (MAD)[ひぐらしのなく頃に] ひとみすいれん ***cide.mpg
MAD Video 2.mpg = (MAD)[ひぐらしのなく頃に] なかない君と嘆きの世界 高解像度 Ver.mpg
MAD Video 3.mpg = (MAD)[ひぐらしのなく頃に]ひぐらしのミカタ 完全版.mpg
*If this was inappropriate to post, I apologize.*
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Old 2006-05-23, 08:24   Link #84
Circular Logic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Something else occured to me:


Last edited by Circular Logic; 2006-05-23 at 09:12.
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Old 2006-05-23, 08:59   Link #85
Monarch Programmer
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Best episode yet IMO. This episode sorta confirmed my suspicions that it was in fact Mion on the phone in episode 6. Though I'm still not fully convinced....

And either Rena went to the same detective academy as Sherlock Holmes or she is a deceiving/yet obvious, homicidal-chibi-psychopath. She practically spelled it out to Keichi, by saying she will never disappear.

I have to admit I still don't know what the hell is going on, but I'm finding this to be the most fascinating anime of the year. 10/10 for this ep.
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Old 2006-05-23, 09:32   Link #86
In the Tatami Galaxy ↓
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It is. The most fascinating anime of the year, that is. Now if only Ayu speeded up their releases, I'm going to watch it all in a day.
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Old 2006-05-23, 09:59   Link #87
Malay Anime Otaku!
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Hey i thought they all died during episode 3-4?
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Old 2006-05-23, 10:23   Link #88
Rain lover
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Originally Posted by ludacris10
Hey i thought they all died during episode 3-4?
Watanagashi is like a new game.

For me, this ep gets a 10, because after watching it, I got a nightmare in which I am chased by a twin who wants to tear my intensines apart

Is it just me or am I thinking the worst for Keiichi when


For Onikakushi,
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Old 2006-05-23, 11:45   Link #89
Circular Logic
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Old 2006-05-23, 11:52   Link #90
Join Date: Dec 2005
Maybe Mion's actions in Onikakushi is because she didn't want Keiichi to be involved in Hinamizawa's situation (she likes him) so she decided to lie to Keiichi, and her outburst of anger towards Oishi can be because of that moment of anger and her position as a yakuza heir. Keiichi misunderstands that Mion wants to kill Oishi by unleashing Oyashiro-sama, when in fact Mion is just angry and her outburst relates to her power.
Yes, I think this is an example of how the new story arc shows the events from the previous one in a different one. In Onikakushi the only explanations for Mion's angry remark "I should have killed Oishi" seem to be that she is either a crazy murderer or that her words were product of Keiichi's paranoia. Now, as we know that she the heir of Yakuza family her talk about killing policemen suddenly seems to make sense.

'The world we live in is always in darkness.'
'Yes, and that is why we seek light.'

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Old 2006-05-23, 11:59   Link #91
cho~ kakkoii
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If anyone cares, yesterday (May 22) was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday. Rena must have known ahead and payed a tribute to him by playing the role of the detective.

Originally Posted by FubaredByAnime
I don't think Oishi stated that Shion went missing after the night of the festival, only that she went missing as stated to Keiichi in the car. I too originally thought he meant that, but after watching the car interrogation scene again, I realize that he said she's missing, with no time noted. The reason I checked was because Oishi saw both Keiichi and Shion (or Mion) at the Library, so that's probably the last time anybody saw her, so it wouldn't make sense for Oishi not to think of that day. I suspect that Shion was reported missing the day after the library meeting (or the day before car interrogation).
I'll definitely rewatch this episode at the first chance I get. This inspector, he must be playing a huge role in this mystery. I mean, it's extraordinary that anyone would involve a kid in a homicide investigation, especially when one of the murderer from the dam incident is possibly still at large! Not to mention, people are regularly dying/missing each year for the past 4 years after the ritual.

Memento has a good timeline description on his blog, so you may want to refer to that as an aid.
Thanks. I've been reluctant to seek any aid so far in this series because it has been so much fun guessing. Haven't even read most of the threads other than the episode discussion threads and the poem-thread.

On a random note, as I was reading one of the poems, I thought of a scene from the earlier episode out of no where, when Keiichi's mom was talking to him. Funnily enough, she didn't have a "face." The poem is in the following and the bold part is what triggered the recollection of that scene...

"I cannot quench your thirst
Because even if you yearn for the truth, you refuse to believe in it.

I cannot quench your thirst
Because no such truth exists that you are in anticipation for.

But I still want to quench your thirst.
Because I am the one that put you into the desert."
Kudara nai na! Sig by TheEroKing.
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Old 2006-05-23, 12:55   Link #92
I desire Tomorrow!
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Damn, and I was calling Asa of Shuffle green-haired monster. That Mion scene was disturbing to say the least I mean, I couldn't read the subs cause I was freaking out and then I had to watch it again, and it was still freaking scary Yeah yeah, I'm not into thriller business much. I need my Mikuru dosage...

Other than that, I don't have a clue what's going on, the storyline seems a bit messed up or is this a totally different story? But anyway, I get enough clues to keep me from feeling totally frustrated.

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Old 2006-05-23, 13:28   Link #93
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It's supposed to be the same story, but the circumstances are subtly twisted each time to change the outcome.

Sort of like the movie "Sliding Doors".
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Old 2006-05-23, 13:30   Link #94
I desire Tomorrow!
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Location: As far away from reality as possible
Age: 33
Yeah, Circular was kind enough to explain it. Well, this throws the series in a new light. I don't need to worry about not getting something Ep 7 was giving enough clues but I had trouble creating the actual timeline. Well, since there's no actual timeline and it's different anytime, I can rest now Thanks.
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Old 2006-05-23, 15:37   Link #95
Senior Member
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Gains : about that text from the preview you were quoting, I realize I actually translated it somehow wrong, I should have double checked from the game
slight spoiler for the beginning of ep 8 on that particular point :
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Old 2006-05-23, 16:32   Link #96
Give me things to draw!!!
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Oh the despair. I haven't been able to read or post here a lot due to some internet troubles I was having. I've never been so worried about seeing an anime right when it comes out... I am very thankful I was able to watch 6 and 7 on my mother's labtop when they came out.

Ah... episode 7, wow. I am confused beyond belief. Damn you Shion.


Episode 8 will be happiness~! HAPPINESS~ *waits unpatiently*
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Old 2006-05-23, 16:34   Link #97
Circular Logic
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From looking at the poems...

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Old 2006-05-23, 17:52   Link #98
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Exclamation Hummina.....

Originally Posted by Circular Logic
From looking at the poems...

Possibly but:


Clever anime. Most diabolical of the year.

If they made this a live action movie in the U.S. it would be a HUGE
success. As it is, it is too extreme for most but the light parts are
super light and the dark parts are super dark and nothing in between.
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Old 2006-05-23, 19:43   Link #99
Join Date: Jan 2004
Knowledge is power. Power to come to 'OH SHIT' revelations like this one:

/Start spoilers for Fatal Frame II

In FFII, one finds out about a gruesome ritual that requires the elder of the twin to strangle the younger. You play Mio (imouto) and the game skilfully maneuvers one into being fearful of Mayu (ane), supposedly the designated one to kill you. That is until you find out the village’s traditional position on delegating seniority in twins birth. It appears that prior to a 1875 Meji’s edict (an actual edict that dictates the firstborn of twins to be the elder) the firstborn is seen as the younger of the twins.

/end Spoilers for Fatal Frame II
Obviously the blogger of had a much more intimate knowledge of Japanese history than myself or most people.

This, combined with the fact that the Sonozakis are an apparently ancient family with ancient traditions, puts a real spin to Rika's dialogue about the cats. Of course, it could just be that Hinamizawa doesn't share the same customs as that village mentioned above, but it's still something to keep an eye on.
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Old 2006-05-23, 22:19   Link #100
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this one actually made my fears rise up... especially the ending... i couldnt figure if she was happy or crying... man... whats shion true identity... The twins are both evil as hell.

by the way.. you know for epis 4-7, is it another theory or just another story?
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