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I have a DHT problem with Azureus

Hi all,

I suddenly found not too long ago that in that status bar of Azureus, my DHT was being firewalled. I am using a wireless connection, and am behind a Linksys wireless router. I use an NIS personal firewall and it is always on when I torrent, but before this, it has never caused any problems, so I doubt that it's the cause.

This is extremely unsual, because before this, I wasnt having any trouble at all. Please note that it isn't a NAT problem, my TCP is fine. And I have manually port forwarded, in fact, I even tried forwarding two different ports and using one seperately for the Distributed DB. But still no luck. And I have tested the ports in question, they are open, for both TCP and UDP.

Was reading thru the slow dls guide and came across this which may be of interest

What causes ports to close? If you're using a router for your internet service, this is your problem. As you probably know, every machine on the internet needs an IP address. Your router allows several computers to use your internet connection, but (unless you've paid big bucks) your ISP only gives you ONE internet address.
as I recently directly connected my Laptop (which is using a ZoneAlarm firewall) to the router. However, when I am bittorrenting the laptop is not connected, so I do not know if that could be the problem. Thing is, when I tried bittorrenting with that Laptop, the DHT was fine (btw i dont normally bt with the lap coz the laptop is slow; i was just experimenting/troubleshooting)

Due to this, my download speed has decreased very much. While still acceptable, it is extremely frustrating, because before this a Haruhi download averaged 150KB/s but now I'm lucky if it reaches 50.

I can't find a DHT troubleshooter on Azureus WikiFAQ. So, if any one could help, I would appreciate it very much.
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